not sure what to do...

I had a sickness bug yesterday and Charlotte has been sick twice - once yesterday after lunch, and then this morning she brought all her brekkie up. She seems ok in herself, a bit whingy but she sometimes can be anyway.
She is booked in for her MMR tomorrow afternoon. I've already postponed it by 2 weeks cos she had a cold. Do you think I should just see how she is when I take her to the docs tomorrow. I could tell the nurse what she's been like? She's not got a temp. Just seems a bit whingy and I put her down for her nap early this morning and she was straight out so is obviously feeling under the weather.
I just want these next jabs done & out the way as I'm nervous enough about them anyway (not about the MMR jab in particular - just don't like needles myself and seeing lo in distress).



  • just a *bump*! xx
  • I would see how she is in the morning to be honest. If she manages to keep some food down today and still doesn't have a temp then I would have thought it would be fine for her to have the jab.
    I hope she's ok and you manage to get it over and done with.
  • i would talk to the nurse before postponing it. she will be able to advise you. charlotte maywell be fine tom. you said you had it yesterday, how are you today? how long did it last?
  • I had it yesterday morning at about 6am i was throwing up and had nasty runs. I'd been awake since 3am though feeling bad. I stayed in bed until 1.30pm then just felt rough the rest of the day. Feel fine today though!
  • Hi,
    Sorry your all poorly.Me and lo are struggling with a cold am sure we just keep passing it between us like a hot potato!
    I would talk to your nurse/hv to see what they say. Also Charlotte will hopefully pick up this afternoon/tomorrow.
    Take care and hope you all feel better soon and the jabs go well, if you know what I mean! x
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