Hi Ithink my little man might be teething, he is a little unsettled, hes feeding little and often, hes chewing his fingers and biting his bottom lip and his poos are slimy and very smelly. Oh and he wants his dummy a lot, and his very dribbly but dont know whether thats because his hands are always in his mouth?
Does this sound like teething? hes 10 weeks old



  • Hi Rainbowshoes

    Brooke has been exactly the same as your little man since last week, unsettled, chewing her fingers, smelly poos, and dribbling. She is 9 weeks and 2 days old. TBH I thought she might be too young for teething, but I don;t know now?

  • I thought Connor might be too young too but OH's friends little girl started teething at 6 weeks!
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