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my poor little man has had such a rubbish start to life (he's 5 weeks old) firstly he was yanked out by ventouse, then was breatsfed, combi fed then bottle fed exclusively, only for us to find the formula wasn't agreeing with him.
Our daytime naps turned into constant screaming fits, unsettle sleeping and we generally had a miserable baby all day every day, leading to me having to walk away of on few occasions to save me losing my temper with him, when it wasn't his fault.
We've now been popped on Nutramigen as HV recommended this, but when Dr prescribed it, i asked what the pros and cons where, he had zero idea! So really i'm looking for advice on how people adjust to being on this milk.
We were on Aptamil comfort, which was very thick, but this formula is like water, and as baby is hungry a boy (12lb 5oz @ 5 weeks) we're worried that this won't satisfy his appetite, also he seems to take less than he used to and then scrunch his face up at being offered the rest, but then is hungry alot sooner, i've heard this is because the formula tastes disgusting???
Please let me know of your experiences etc, it would be really helpful!

Carys x


  • Hi lizzie is on nutramigen as she has cows milk protein and lactose intolerance.
    she took to the milk ok, i was told to give it a week or so and see how it was. anyway after about 48 hours i could tell a big chnage in her. her colic settled, her bad nappies stopped (they use to reach her shoulders with poo which was almost green! and her skin has imrpoved althogh this took a little while.
    anyway, it is thin milk but as far as im aware it has same nutritional value. i would think at around 5 weeks it would probably be down to a growth spurt your Lo is having.
    Lizzie is now 6 months and is now on nutramigen 2 follow on.
    My doctor didnt and still doesnt know alot about it but the hv's have been great.
    do they think your little one has an intolerence or allergy to something? or is it because it is a more easily digested milk? lol im guessing they probably didnt say being that your doc wasnt much help
  • Hiya I'm not speaking from experience but gemmiebaby may be able to help. Her Los were on quite a few special formulas and she had a few ups and downs...she posts here and in multiples x
  • Thanks for the responses.

    So far there has been a massive improvement in little man's general well being after just 3 days on new milk. He settles and rarely fusses unless he's tired or had enough stimulation. He's pooing regularly (before it was every other day), he's less sicky and is still sleeping as before which was my biggest concern.

    Your very right in fact that this milk actually has more calories than normal formula (68 instead of 66 in Aptimil 1 and Comfort) and he seems far more satisfied, so i reckon either his growth spurt has slowed or this is just far better for him.

    I have issues with wheat and lactose, so i assume that this is something he may have inherited from me. They never actually diagnosed an intolerance, but due to his behaviour and what they health visitor witnessed they have stated this milk will help him in all areas.

    Fingers crossed!

    Carys and Baby Evan
  • o glad there has been some improvement. Like i said within 48 hours on the milk we could see a difference in Lizzie.
    Hopefully your LO will be feeling alot better soon, trust me it will be like having a different baby!
    good luck.
    I know on a different baby site there is a foorum devoted to allergies and there is a fair biot of info on there so it might be worth a look- its on babycentre uk site.

    I have been told we can see a pead at any time aand referals take about a month, so if your doc and hv cant help you (espacailly when it comes to the weaning stage, we are finding lizzie cant have quite a bit of stuff!) then ask to see one who in turn can help you see a pead dietican x
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