Twin girl names (not me) phew ! UPDATE

My best friend is expecting twin girls, it is a case of "opps is now growing arms and legs" (well two of each actually) lol, as they already have 3 children, so not planned but they are really looking forward to the twins arriving, they just needing to get organised, as they live in a 2 bed house, their due date is 3rd Feb but should be earlier. Yeah she is going to have her hands full, but she is a strong woman she will be just amazing.

They have 2 girls Taylor (10) and Bailey ( 1) and 1 boy Callan (6). Now she needs help with twin girl names so I have said, hey don't worry my BE fridns will come up with some fab ideas... so come on girls don't let me down let's be having yours !x!

I have suggested Bella and Fiz......(the tweeneys) joking lol...... need some serious suggestions please x

Thanks for all your suggestions ladies!

Twins born 19/1/09.... Lily weighed 6lb 3 and Ava 7lb 2 OMG im broody again ! x

They are so cute and mummy and girls are doing well.

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  • I've gone blank. Cant think of any! lol.
  • Maybe the thought of being a mummy to being 5 munchkins has thrown you lol !!
  • I like Liffey and Leigh, Irish rivers, or Shannon and Liffey
  • hope, faith, joy, grace,(i know shes not having quads but i think they all go great together)
  • You know what I did suggest Hope and Faith how lovely would that be, great minds and all that lol x

    Think she likes Madison and McKenzie at the moment, but thinks they might be to long, she is going to start writing love "Cath and Clan on greeting cards from now on lol !x!

    She was sure it was 2 boys and had Rylee and Harris picked for them.
  • I really like Hope & Faith for twin girls too!
  • my friends mum named all her girls after colours - although none are twins, their names are,

    Violet,Scarlet and Amber

    You could have Scarlet and Ruby - both shades of red!
  • or you could do flowers - daisy, rose, petal,
  • i like scarlet n ruby its sweet
    daisy n lily
    lexi n lily
    molly n megan
  • I also like Freya & Ruby - my sister has called her lo's that (not twins tho).
    Charlotte is also a good name for one of them......!
  • I like
    Olivia and Sky
    Freya and Erin
    Elin and Ruby
    Pascal and Grace

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • Jack and Jill (Jacqueline)

    LaLa and Po (JOKE!!!!)

    I need to get off here and get on with something useful!!
  • LaLa and PO, PMSL !x!

    My friend just text me and suggested Anya and Freya, I think these names are just so perfect. They are non identical so she wants to keep them as wee individual people.

    Thanks for all your lovely names ladies x
  • Congratulations!!

    Lovely names!

  • well i like
    paige and paris
    tia and tamara
    brianna and tianna or kyanna
    doris and doriah
    i no she's trying to keep them as individual as possible.
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