He just wont eat, am at a loss.


Tyler is 9 months now, and apart from nursery he eats hardly anything in the house. I've made the same as they give him, we all sit dwon together etc but he still either refuses the spoon or throws his finger food on the floor. I just dont know what else to do. I think maybe its to do with the times, he will eat his breakfast an hour after his bottle, then we go out and he has breadsticks and cheese, or yoghurt something like that, Then, i think he is just too tired to eat lunch. So today he's gone down for a nap first and will try his food an hour after he wakes to give him time to come around. For tea, I try everything. He usually has a snack around 3-4 and then i try tea at 5.30 which he usually refuses unless i sneak it in when he's munching a breadstick. Then he will happily eat rusk with milk at 6.
I just dont know what the hell i'm doing, i;ve cooked my own food (anabel karmel), tried pouches, jars etc But nothing. He is still drinking his milk, I did cut down his milk in the hope that this would make him eat, it did nothing apart from make him more hungry at night.

Help !!!!



  • hey hun, didn't want to r&r. not too sure what to say, but maybe his snacks are filling him up a bit too much? DD is only 7.5 months but i used t try and get snacks into her as well as meals (been weaning since 5 months) but she'd be too full for proper meals then so i dropped the snacks and now she eats breakkie, dinner & tea, and most of the time she doesn't want a pudding with dinner or tea either! i think she must just have a little tummy or a slow digestive system and doesn't get hungry that quickly.

    sorry not a lot of help really but it's all i could think of. hopefully some other girls will have better suggestions xx
  • Drop the snacks. They don't 'need' food until they are one, it's all a learning curve and an opportunity to experiment with texture and taste till then. He is getting what he needs from his milk and I think the snacks and milk are probably filling him up so he doesn't want his 'meals'. Which is fine, he's probably getting everything he needs, but if you want him to have the meals and have the social thing of eating together etc, just drop the snacks and he'll be peckish enough to try them I reckon!
  • I agree about snacks, my LO is nearly 11 months and is just having snacks now and has been walking over a month (so really active) and has a good appetite. If she goes off her meals I drop them and work around her.

    The only other time she does it is when she's teething and she eats little and often then.

  • Am I right in thinking he eats well at nursery? If so, you need to think about what is done differently there. Will he eat for his dad? Or other carers?

    You sound so stressed about it, and this will not help him eat. I have found weaning stressful at times, but since I relaxed about it and figured that I can't force feed my child (!) Sam has been a lot happier eating everything. Go back to basics, only offer him meals that you KNOW he likes and has eaten in the past, and when you're both happy with that, move on to other stuff. Let him play with toys while he's eating, let him eat sitting on the floor watching tv if necessary! Just try and make it a happy experience rather than a stressful one.

    Good luck. xxx
  • Totally agree with Coco. I have had a nightmare eater, with milk as well as solids, and I was getting in a huge state about it. But things improved when I finally accepted that I can't force her to eat things she doesn't want and might as well just chill out a bit.
    Some days she eats amazingly, others days she barely eats anything. Sometimes she will eat nothing at breakfast and lunch and then have a massive pig out at dinner! Some days she will eat off a spoon, other days will totally refuse. So I just take it a meal at a time.

    Def agree with ditching or changing the snacks. I only give fruit/dried fruit as snacks so it's not too filling. Carbs only if she had a terrible lunch and I don't think she will make it to dinner. If she had a big breakfast I won't give snack so she eats lunch. If she doesn't have a morning nap I bring lunch forward so she's not too tired.
    We also had a period of eating on the floor! Moving to purely finger foods really helped as she is fiercely independent she had to be totally in control. I l spent a lot of time making the highchair/meals more enjoyable and focused on foods she likes. Like I would love her to eat rice/couscous but she doesn't like the textures so I only offer occasionally in case she's changed her mind, but always offer something I know she likes as well and don't put any pressure on her to eat it. One day she might surprise me! I try to find other ways she might like to eat these things though. Although she won't eat couscous as it is she will eat it mixed with egg, cheese and veg and fried into a pancake!

    Good luck. I know how stressful having a difficult eater is.

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