Does your lo like the food(s) you craved whilst pregnant?


Just thought this would be a bit of fun, and quite interesting. Based on a comment by MrsP in a thread on BIJ.

I craved orange juice, so will be interested to see if James likes oranges when I start weaning! :lol: xx


  • Hee hee, she'd probably wonder why you were giving her a pile of ice! xx
  • As i was saying in BIJ i craved granny smiths apples and now Alyssa seems to love them i also craved slush so will have to wait a while before i know the answer to that one!!

  • Good one Mythical, when i was pg with my ds1 i used to eat salmon like it was going out of fashion I love it and when he was old enough i used to make a puree potato and salmon and also salmon and brocolli bake. He is 4 and half now and he loves fish. He always chooses fish over everything else, hates the usual chicken nuggets and will eat smoked salmon. His fav dinner now is scampi!!

    I didnt eat as much when pg with ds2 although i gave it as puree food, and he eats it but prefers other things!!

    Cake!!!! now thats something i eat all the time pregnant or not and they both love it!!!

    Gemm x
  • I craved strawberrys and cream crackers!! She does love strawberries, but I dont think thats abnormal...not sure about the crackers yet?!
  • Roast beef Monster Munch was my craving of choice...probably not the best food to start her weaning!
    Also I wanted chilli with everything, so I'm hoping LO will like spicy foods too. Be interesting to see
  • She can have the egg sandwich...just without the crisps. :lol: xx
  • I craved pickled onion monster munch, chocolate & caramel coffee. But will have to wait & see as lo is only 3 months.

    But, my bf craves chocolate with her lo & he hates chocolate now, he's 4 but never liked it.

    Jayne xx
  • Well I craved crisps and coke so it'll be a looooong time before I can give you an answer on that one!! :lol:

    Love NN xxx
  • p.s - forgot to say that my mum craved twiglets when pregnant with me and I hate marmite now! Perhaps she had too many when she was pregnant!? xxx
  • I craved stodge like chips, chips and more chips. My lo hates chips and will not touch them. She's not keen on any plain foods and loves spicy and rich foods. When I was pregnant I was so ill that I hardly touched anything with flavour. Even a bit of garlic bread turned my stomach.
  • I really hope not - all I craved were apples (not so bad) and chocolate. I think I ate my own body weight in chocolate buttons.

    I also went off anything green (such as salad) so will be interesting to see if he will eat the green stuff.
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