at what age can babies have our gravy?

Hi girls havnt been on for ages as im so short of time now but had a lap top for xmas so can use it and still be in same room as oh now!!! He can go on psp and daisy can sleep in my arms every body happy!!!!!! Daisy is now 10 months old and getting more and more fussy as the weeks go on!!! She is an independant little madame and wont do anything she doesnt want to and im still really struggling to get her to eat food! She loves finger foods but doesnt really like food i make for her and eats jars of foods but sparingly and only if she feels like it. i made a stew for us last week and pureed some for her and she ate it but i reckon cus it had some flavour to it as it was made with an oxo cube. Im a real stress head when it comes to salt as i know they make baby gravy for a reason but it would be so much easier if i could just give her some of ours. cottage pie of ours she will eat better than if i cook hers seperate with her own gravy and a lot less hassle. every couple of days i give her something ive made in our sauces gravy etc as i figure she s not having it every day. I was wondering if any of you just give your baby your foods in your gravy and sauce and can they have it at 12 months anyway?


  • Hiya,
    Holly has just turned 1 and I have been giving her cottage pie that I have made with our gravy and other things for a few months, I personally think as long as you are sensible then it should be ok.
  • It should be fine, Kelsie had our gravy from 12 months onwards. Up until then we made her gravy a lot weaker than ours, we have reduced salt gravy as well and there have been no problems with her on it.


  • fin has always had the same brand as us i just make his weaker and use no added salt i normally use what we need then add more water
  • so if you are making stews and casseroles with oxo cubes etc it will be ok??????
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