Anyone have an ikea highchair??

Im thinking of getting one and want to know if they are any good? They're so cheap and I havent actually seen one in the store I was just going to order it online.

At the moment its between this and the Mothercare version of the stokke tripp trapp (cheaper) as we have m'care vouchers but I just cant decide....anyone got one that can help? x


  • I have one. I bought one for ds when he was 5 months old and he sat so much better in that than his graco one. He's now 16 months and he still sits in it no problem.

    It's easy to clean as there are no nooks and crannies and hardly takes up any space at all!
  • I used one in a restaurant last week and it was fab, its no frills so cant expect much but it did its job. Wiped clean easy enough, if you do a google search you can buy cushions for them i think.

    Def remember to get the tray though.

  • i used when when we visited the in laws, it is very good, easy to clean, the onlyt hinsg u need to consider are that it hasn't got a 5point harness, just a lap strap and ds kept twisting round to face the wrong way, also this means it is possile that he will try and possibly succeed to climb out of it, the only other thing is that its not cushiond in anyway so really is only suitable for babies that are very good at sitting as there isn't much support and the back is low so they can't lean back and rest their heads...also lack of cushioning makes me think its probably quite uncomfortable to sit in for sometimes up to an hour at meal times...but other than that its great is easy to clean, and all in all it is a very nice chair, plus the tray is detachable so when older they can sit in it at the table and is quite dinky so dopesn't get in the way, altho it doesn't fold. xx
  • Another good thing about them is that you can pull off the legs and pop the whole lot into a car boot without any problems, so also good for visiting grandparents / in-laws image
  • We've got one too and have only got praise for it, so easy to keep clean. One of the best things I've bought for my daughter and such a bargain too.
  • Buy it! We got the Graco Teatime one but I used my sisters Ikea one when we visited last weekend and it was sooooo much better as it's really upright. Beth seemed much happier in it too. She gets really annoyed in the Graco one as it is too reclined.

    Really wish I'd just got the Ikea one. Have failed miserably in convincing OH that we should just buy the Ikea one as well and take the Graco to my parents!

  • The girls use one in a cafe we go to quite regularly and it's fine. Looks comfy, very easy to wipe clean and surprisingly quite supportive.
    The only thing I worry about is putting them too close to the table in it as they have a habit of pushing against things with their feet and it's so light that I worry they'll be able to tip it backwards. If you LO isn't a fidget like mine are then you'll be OK!


  • I have this highchair and I think it's excellent. DS has been sitting comfortably in it since 5 months. It's cheap, easy to clean and matches all my white furniture!! xx
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