which is the best pram?

a friend of mine is pregnant and is starting to think about prams. i like most aspects of mine, icandy cherry, but not others. the hood is useless for keeping sun off baby's face, it marks easily being beige and she outgrew the carrycot well before 6 months. but it's easy to push one handed, lightweight, parent facing and in all the groups i go to nobody else has one!

so, does anyone have the perfect pram? would you recommend the one you have? it does have to be parent facing and forward facing though.


  • I think they all have pros and cons...I love my Silver Cross Freeway Sleepover...it's sturdy, easy to steer, the carrycot still fits Lucas who is HUGE easily and it can be forward or parent facing. Because it's suitable for use as a Moses basket it's also really comfy for him and means no Moses needed.


    It is bulk and totally fills our boot so if you need it in the car a lot you need a Golf size boot minimum.

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  • icandy peach!
    i love it, the hood pulls down really far so is perfect for a sunshade, really easy to put up etc, carrycot was used until DS was 7 months (he is quite short but quite chubby!)
    it was pricey but i think worth every penny!
  • I've got a M&P Herbie (which I think has been relaunched as the Rubix) and I love it.
  • Another vote for the peach, I love it, the only thing that I don't like is the sushade, waste of money but the hood does a good job. Its so functional and easy to change all the bit and pieces, I love the colour of it (i have sweet pea) and its a dream to push!!
  • I have a stokke xploye and i think its the best thing since sliced bread!!!
    i love all of it even down to the rain cover which actually fits and doesnt fall off and covers the whole thing!
    it is forward and reward facing and has a carrycot attachment if you want to use one and you can also attach a carseat unit if you prefer (i never did this myself)
    the seat is well padded for a newborn and this insert is removeable and the seat big enough until the child is 3. its fantastic to the point of going out to a cafe to eat and finding there are no highchairs but you can use the pushchair due to be able to adjust the right of the seat unit and sit the seat upright!
    when forward facing you can use the 2 wheel option to go up and down stairs (fantastic when you find yourself in a car park which requires you to go up or down stairs to reach the lift!! (one in weymouth if anyone lives near!!)
    anyway i could go on for hours and i am yet to find something i dont like about it (oh you get stopped alot as they look slightly different than most prams but this might be because mines in bright orange with the flowery hood!)
    oh also it has a large shopping bag which when not in use folds right down.

    highly recommend it!! x
  • we have a quinny buzz but also had a phil and teds (for both of them) phil and teds is a fab double buggy but wouldnt buy jsut for one baby.
    quinny buzz is ok a few flaws - not great raincover, shopping basket is pretty small and i personally find it quite bulky. we are going to buy a bugaboo bee plus as ive wanted one for ages, they are great!!!!
    for a stroller/from birth i would go for a maclaren techno xt, we had one and they are fantastic, very lightweight and good value for money.
    as u can tell i have a buggy fetish, i have had 3 others too hehehehe but not really worth talking about!!!
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