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Olbas oil

Lily (7 weeks) is all snuffly and irritable with a cold and keeps waking herself up with a jump when her nose briefly gets too blocked to breathe through. Is it ok to put a bit of Olbas oil on a muslin or is this too strong? Is there a baby equivalent, if so? Thanks all.


  • they do a baby olbas image
    its not cheap but whenever ollie has a snuffly nose i put some on a cloth or tissue under his mattress, or some on his pjs, bout an inch down them.
    It works wonders and i love the smell of it, although i think it says from 3 months on it..
    i also use snufflebabe which is a better version of childrens vicks and its great, but again not cheap. i did use the room vapouriser from calpol but found it really dried the room out and Ollie would wake up with a dry throat and coughing so stopped using it and just use these two now.

  • Hi, I'm not sure exactly what is in olbas oil but I would use a couple of drops of pure eucalyptus oil on a vapouriser when my lo had a cold as it's a good decongestant. Baby skin is too delicate for most essential oils so if you use any on a muslin I would make sure it doesn't touch her skin. Also, I think I remmeber seeing a vapouriser made by calpol when I was last in the uk..not sure if they're any good?? Hope she's better soon. x
  • Thanks ladies. She's ok, just not herself, though it's still upsetting to see her like it and not be able to help her, as I'm sure you've all experienced :\(

    Sorry to be dim but is a vapouriser something that sits in a room or something you use on the baby? So clueless!!
  • the box says 3 months on the baby one aswell
    but i still use it in the boiled water for charlie when he was 6 weeks as he was loaded with the cold x
  • Ah just read Stephe's post more carefully and gather it's something that sits in a room. Ok, next stupid question: can you buy them from the chemist? I have a chemist locally but no supermarket.

    And final stupid question: shall I get a vapouriser AND an Olbas/Vicks/Snufflebabe type thing, do you think? Or is that overkill?

    Aarghh why don't they teach you about these things in antenatal classes?!
  • I was told to rub snufflebabe on the soles of the feet as well as the chest - can't remember why but it seems to help!!
    I have a vaporiser (plug in) and use olbas oil on her pyjamas too so I would say it is safe!
  • Oh yeah I can remember someone posting on here about putting things on soles of feet. Must try that with Charlotte tonite as she's full of cold. I use Calrub on her but don't think you can use it until 6 months so that's no use to you whatsoever so listen to the other ladies not me - lol!
  • thanks for the tips as these will help me too. my hv suggested drying clothes in the room to help humidity. The washing was virtually all done so I soaked a couple of terry nappies and put them on the radiator to add a little moisture - a bit cheaper than a dehumidifier but more hassle in the long term. You can also then add things like drops of olbas oil to the cloth so it goes a little into the air
  • the calpol vapouriser is good, it plugs in, but it does dry out the room quite a lot. you can buy them from a chemists image (i think)

    I'd say get the snuffle babe and the olbas oil image you can put some snufflebabe in water to create the same effect as the vapouriser (or even get some cheapo version to do that with ) without drying the room out.

  • Snuffle babe is very good, it does say from 3 months but if you just put it on her sleepsuit I think it should be fine anyway.

    The nose drops are good (saline ones) but they are a nightmare to put in as Gabe HATED them so they weren't worth it for us but try it.
  • Steam as well helps, I've given Faye a little bit of my cold - we've found taking her in the bathroom when were having a shower as helped dry her snotty nose up. I've not tried the other methods as I feel she is too young and everyone I've spoken to has said not too.... There is only 2 wks between ours PTB
  • Thanks girlies, will see how we go with just a drop of Olbas oil on her jamas tonight and then make a trip to Boots if it's no better tomorrow. Good tips about drying washing and steamy showers (wahey) too - thank you.
  • Hey PTB, just to let you know - I have tried snufflebabe and nasosal as Amber has a cold and both are good, but the excellent thing about the nasosal drops is that if she has a big lump of mucus up her nose, it seems to come out once the drops are in and she breathes much easier. Good Luck! xx
  • If your breastfeeding you can put breast milk up their nose rather than the nasal drops. It clears the mucus the same and is free!! Natural & sterile 👍
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