Please help!

Hi everyone, my son is 4 weeks old tomorrow and for the pas week and half thereabouts he has been keeping me awake all night! He snortsreally loudly and sounds like he's choking though he's not and is still asleep! And now for the past few days he has been going really red in the face and straining to pass wind. He isn't constipated as heis still passing sift stools once a day. It is really distrssing me. I took him to the docs who said it could just be the change onto formula from expresses breastmilk (I was expressing and topping up with formula until about week and half ago) I thought he would have been used to the formula by now. Doc checked him all over and said he was fine. It is just concerning me. Think I'm a bit over anxious!!

Any advice welcome!!


  • Monty also had that snorty sound when sleeping - it sounds awful, doesn't it! My HV said it was probably a floppy larynx. If the noise stops when you roll him on his side then it's probably that (put him back on his back though!). Monty has outgrown this now. If you're at all worried, talk to your Hv/GP.

    Monty also had v. bad wind when younger. He is BF only though but when younger dairy/chocolate in my diet really made him windy. Again he grew out of that as his gut matured.

  • Thanks babybarbarella, that's quite reassuring. He doesn't do it when he naps in his bouncer or in my arms as he's more upright. GP just said it was quite normal and not to worry! It's good to know that someone else has experienced it too!!

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