wingeing alot!

last night before bed harri wouldnt stop crying! then i got him to take his bottle and he slept sound all night, then was happy this morning hes only been up an hour and a half and is constantly wingeing and crying, i think its his teeth as ive tried putting for a sleep but he wont go, he dribbled alot yesterday, was also sick alot and had runny poo in the evening, ive given calpol. he just seems so unhappy today! should i be more worried or is it just teething? xxx


  • Hi hun...sounds like teething to me!! Just keep an eye on him! Glad he slept thru for you again...yay!!

    Get some dentinox teething gel cos u can put that one on every 20mins where bojela i think is every hour! Bless him. I'm dreading matthew teething!! xx
  • Have you tried to take his tempreture? Just an idea because if its normal then you know hes fine x
  • it sounds like teethingto me too!!! i used the holland and barret teething tablets they just disolvein babies mouth they are fab can give them every 10 mins if needs be!! XXX
  • Morgana is exactly the same since yesterday afternoon, constantly whinging and crying - she was happy for an hour this morning and now it started again. She hasn't got a temperature so I assume its her teeth, she's not happy the poor thing. I use Ashton & Parsons powder, but she's still not a ray of sunshine.
  • He doesnt have a temp. Igave him dentinox before bed last nigth as well as nurofen as he would take his bottle and after a few mins he clamed and took it! Its so difficult when they cant say to you " mum my gums hurt"! Hes just had half an hours nap on me and seems a bit brighter now, but how long that will last is anyones guess! We usually use nelsons but typicalloy we have run out! Need to go get more!!!! xxx

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  • Hes off again! xxx
  • Hi, Shea has been like this all weekend, since Friday, i've now renamed him "my miserable little boy"!!!! He's constantly wingeing and crawling around my legs wanted to picked up all the time, but when I do pick him up he still doesn't stop.

    He is definatly teething as it's all the same symptoms as when he got his first two teeth, it just seems now he's a bit older he knows how to complain more!!

    I give shea lots of things like cold cucumber and carrot sticks to munch on, he loves getting his gums round them.
  • can i give harri a carrit stick he is 6 months in a couple of days? xxx
  • When did you start weaning him? I started giving Shea finger foods about 3/4 weeks after I began weaning.

    Cucumber stick might be better as they don't need to be cooked, and as long as they are cut big enough so he can't get it all in his mouth and choke, or if you're hesitant have you tried the teething rings you pop in freezer?
  • Hes not really into his teething rings at all, hes been weaned for about a mont and is on 3 meals a day. Do carrot sticks have to be cooked then? xx Also should i peel the cucumber or leave skin on? xxx

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  • hiya have you tried bickie pegs you can get them from boots,that and bongela was all that helped primrose with her teeth!x
  • We found that bonglea didnt work on harri but i have dentinox which seems to help a little I swear by nelsons but have run out,so going to get some more soon. I have seen those bicki pegs but im scared they will break off and he will choke on them as he is only 6 months on 21st. will they break off? xxx
  • Oh no,
    Ruby has been really wingeing alot the past few days it's driving me mad. She's only 15 weeks, I really hope she's not teething as can't cope with that along with the waking every hour at night all of a sudden!
    Sorry I can't help, you seem to have the teething gels sorted but if it helps Anbesol liquid is meant to be brilliant as it goes straight on and doesn't come off like some gels.
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