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in the BLW fave recipes you put one for sweet potato crisps or parsnip crisps up. i've just attempted to make them but think i must've done them on the wrong temp as i could get them to 'crisp' very well, apart from 2/3 of them lol was just wondering if you could tell me what temp you cook yours on?

thanks x


  • Hi
    sorry only just seen this! I cooked them on 180 degrees. Did you toss them in a bit of oil first? I used vegetable oil, then spread them out onto a baking sheet. Only took about 7 mins image
    This was for the sweet potato ones, if you're doing parsnip ones pop them in 1st and cook for around 10 mins longer than the potato ones.
    HTH xx
  • yeah i think i might have put a bit too much oil on mine then as i put them on 200 degrees and they didn't crisp properly, i shall go buy more sweet potato and try again at the weekend, thanks hun! xx
  • Yeah, think they are a bit hit & miss, because they're so thin they really don't need much oil
    They're soooooo nice though (well, DD liked them, i didn't try them of course :lolimage so worth keep trying image
    Let me know how they go xx
  • hehe yes they did seem nice! i ate them as they didn't work properly haha will do, thanks again hun x
  • can someone please post a link to this recipe post please?? I am running out of ideas and I think Ollie is getting fed up of tuna pasta now!! ha ha! xxx
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