brothers 18th (not baby related)

Hi Mums & Babies,

My brother is going to be 18 in feb and i'm wanting to get him something special but i have no idea what, he's not really into anything other than his wii, xbox etc, do you have any ideas. I also can't beleive my little brother will be 18 wow xxxxx


  • What about something he can keep like a watch which you could have engraved. Or maybe a nice bracelet.

    Another alternative would be something thats once in a lifetime like a sky dive or one of those race days where they get to play F1 for the day. I suppose that depends on your budget though.
  • I got a beautiful necklace for my 18th from my grandparents, it was really expensive and I really treasure it. Jewellry is always nice for a gift.

  • Thanks girls, i've decided to get him a gift experience he always wanted to be a pilot so am going to get him a flight experience xxxx
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