Routine...5 months.

Hi girls,

I have been weaning my little one for a few weeks, and I am just wondering for those who have 5 month old little ones, what are your routines with regards to food and milk??

Spoke to my health visitor and she said I should offer food an hour after his milk feed, is this what you are all doing?

What time to they have breakfast, lunch and tea, along with milk bottles?

Sorry, I am having a real worry that maybe I am offering my little one too much too often.

Many thanks in advance.


  • Eek. I quite literally make it up as I go along. If she's awake at mealtimes, I offer her food (and then breast to check she's full). If she's not awake I just offer her breast when she does wake.

    By 7 months my first LO was having: milk feed on waking, breakfast at 7.30ish, milk feed mid-morning, lunch at 12, milk feed mid-avo, dinner at 5pm, milk before bed. I would hope something similar emerges with this LO.

    I think if your LO eats/drinks everything offered, then you're prob offering exactly what he wants! :\)
  • My lo is 7 months, but hasn't dropped any bottles yet. So he has bottles at roughly 7, 11, 3, 7, 10 and meals at roughly 9, 1 and 5. As you can see he still has a dream feed. I did lose a feed by moving them all back a couple of hours to fit in the food. HTH. xx
  • hey mrs daytime we're on:

    7am milk
    830 breakfast
    9milk (sleep)
    1030am bit of banana and water
    12 lunch
    1230 milk (sleep)
    3pm snack again
    4 dinner with water
    6wee snack
    7milk and bed

    the snacks used to be my other breastfeeds but my hv told me he was feeding far to often off me and to give him a wee something at his snacks he would maybe eat one good sized strawberry or a rice cake or a wee bit of banana (strawberry size) just enough to keep the hunger away and he has his cup with water whenever he wants x
  • ok, that makes me feel a lot better....
    here is my routine...
    6.30 ish milk
    8- breakfast
    10.30 milk
    12ish lunch then sleep
    quick sleep
    4.30/5 tea
    7pm milk bed

    Whilst being away with my mum she said I feed him far too much which completely through my confidence. It made me quite upset as he is a big boy, (19 lb!!)

    So thanks for your advice girls image x
  • Glad your mind has been put at rest. I'm happy for my lo to drop bottles on his own. But if when I get him weighed he has jumped a centile, then I'm also willing to try to drop one by moving the routine around. I have a post in BIJan, asking if lo's had dropped milk feeds on their own or not, and it's mixed. So I thought I'd give James a bit of a chance to do it himself. xx
  • 2littlemonkeys i found also that at reeces 1030ish 230ish milk feeds he was having a short suck and then a wee look about etc etc whereas the other feeds he was draining the boob so felt something less would be enough combined with advice from hv, our wee routines are quite close!
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