how often do you get your lo weighed?

hv stopped comin to the house several months ago now and finley was last weighed bout 6 weeks ago. hes a big fella(last time 22lb12oz) so its not that im concerned bout his growth at all. hes 7 1/2 so i was just wonderin how often i should actually have him weighed? xxx


  • I went every month until the last 2 months when I went fortnightly, as Gabe was really struggling with his weight gain. But in the last fortnight, he's put on 8oz, so it's gonna be back to monthly for us! He's 9.5 months and weighs 21lbs exactly.
  • I try and go once a month. I did go a bit more when we started weaning just to make sure he was plodding along ok but otherwise once a month or so does us. Not sure what if there's a rule or anything just what as a Mum you think is best x
  • Yep, every 2/3 weeks for me too. Will stop going as much once weaning is properly established. S x
  • hey,

    I took Louise every 2/3 weeks until she was about 4 months ans now I take her once a month.

    I think you know yourself if your lo is putting on weight, I like to go as I like to know how much Louise weighs out of curiosity or I go if I have any questions for the hv.
  • Ellie has always had weight and feeding issues so we go usually every 2 weeks but sometime weekly! xx
  • thanks ladies, i have to go to the clinic for our 8 onth check anyway so might start and get my butt down there a bit hes just always been a chunk so never really
  • I took Lily each week until I went back to work. Now I take her if hubby has that day off. So it seems she is going to be weighed once a month at least. I like to see how much she weighs and ours is a stay and play group so it's nice to play with Lily and the other babies!
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