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AF since giving birth

Hi all

Lily is now 17 weeks old, i didnt breast feed and it took about 12 weeks for my first period to return, it was just normal when i did eventually get it. How long did it take for yours to settle back into a pattern? Its past 28days now for my 2nd one is this quite normal?

Newlook & Lily x


  • hi hun, sorry for tmi, with my two i bleed a lot cos i had a section for about 4 weeks then my af came so i would that normal xx
  • toby is 8 weeks today and still no af! Its ironic that this is the least bleeding i have had as i bled constantly through pregnancy!
  • It takes a while for AF to get back to normal. A couple of months ago I was posting on here because AF was late and I was panicking that I might be pg again (would love another one, but not this soon!)

    Just a few months later and AF has her routine firmly established again. My lo is 7 months old, and it's taken about 6 months for my periods to get back to some normality - it does take a while for some people i''m afraid.

    hth xxxxx
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