I wish people would listen!!

A couple of friends came round last night for a curry. They saw Charlotte before she went to bed and I made them a cup of tea. They were sat on the floor with her and I specifically said, "please do not put your tea anywhere near her or on the floor cos she'll put her hand in it".

So guess what happens - the male half put his tea right next to her (I'm talking to his girlfriend so don't see this part), then as I turn round I see lo put her hand right into the tea....argghhhhh!!

Well you know the rest....screaming, tears etc. I put her hand straight under the cold water tap for a few minutes whilst absolutely fuming!!! He apologised and lo seemed ok - no blisters appeared and she started using her hand again straight away and stopped crying. And then it was like "oh well these things happen". Not when I F***ing warn you not to do it!! Even oh didn't seem too concerned. Still fuming now!


  • i tell the outlaws all the time to keep things out of ollies way - and SFIL always ignores me. he lets ollie look into his cup and just puts it anywhere he can, and MIL puts hers on the floor - ollie can get to it in seconds and the dog is partial to a brew or 5 if he can get one, so i've given up telling them but take ollie away and leave the dog to his job.... :lol: ;\)

    I've found that no matter how many times ive told them politely they still havent listened (for 18 months now) so things have come to a head and I'm having a real problem being comfy with them being in my house.

    I think you really need to make them understand that you warned them and because they didnt listen you are very angry and upset. Maybe show them a picture of what couldve happened (a bit strong ...?) so they understand not to do it again.....?

  • Glad LO is o.k. How can people be so silly sometimes?! My Nanny put her mug of tea on the floor after I specifically asked her not to as Kelsie would go and get it :lol: What does she do? Put the cup on the floor, and I only just managed to stop her from getting it! She didn't seem bothered at all f******g old goat. :evil: This was 5 weeks ago, and she hasn't been round since!! I'm still angry :lol:

  • :lol:

    She really does!! It was my OH who started it and now its a habit lol! Nearly slipped up a few times.....how immature are we?! :lol:

  • if that happened once our son is here ... id let the dog have a glug of their tea/coffee without scorning her and let them drink it,,,,,thatll serve them right !!

    luckily most of my family live 1hr+ away so we wont have too many visitors !!

    good luck with your unco-operative families !!
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