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Hi ladies
LO is now 6 months old and I have real difficulty in getting him down for his daytime naps. He's fine going to bed at night but he does need a couple of good naps in the day and shows signs of being tired but then cries and cries when I put him down. This is definitely getting worse. I wait outside his room and go in and check on him a couple of times whilst this is going on. I'll turn him over if he's rolled over but it's now taking up to 10 mins of crying/upset before he'll drop off. He never used to be like this and it's happening at every naptime now. I just wondered if you had any advice on this?
Thank you!!


  • Hi

    When my ds1 was teething it would upset his napping but not nighttime settling. Maybe try some bonjela and a teething powder before putting him down ans see if this helps. I also found putting his mobile on to distract him until he drifted off helped.

    Liz x
  • My son is 4.5 months and he fights his daytime naps but is very good at going down at night. He has always hated being swaddled but recently another mum did it to him to get him down for a daytime nap and it worked so now when he refuses to settle I do it and he laughs at first like it's a game, then settles immediately and drifts off not long after. So if you have given up swaddling then maybe give it a go for the daytime naps.
    The other thing I have found with my son is that he prefers not to nap during the daytime in his cot. Im not bothered where he naps, I just want him to nap, so I put him on our bed surrounding by pillows so he cant roll off, or in the living room on the floor on a sheepskin rug.
  • Aiden has his day time naps in his pram! he associates his cot with night time and won't go in there in the day! little tinker !! but he loves his nice comfy pram and usually goes off no problem!xxx its a matter of trial and error hun see what suits little one best!xx
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