Implanon and bleeding - OLD BLOOD how much?????????????

I had the contraceptive impant months ago and spotted for about 8 weeks then nothing until 2 weeks ago - i am getting old blood every day but hardly anything it is really just when i wipe (sorry tmi)

I also appear to have pains in my bits since getting the old blood and heaps of headaches

Is this normal? Any help or advice would be great x


  • Hey summer image I'm not using it yet (just waiting on AF before I can get it) but if you're getting headaches it could be a sign the artificial hormones aren't agreeing with you...if you only got it two months ago though I'd probably give it another month or so to let your body regulate. If you think of our bodies like a see saw carefully balanced, you've just gone and put a whole load of artificial hormones that are 'blocking' your natural cycle and your body is bound to be confused and therefore ups it's hormones (hence the headaches and bleeding) to try and regulate itself again. It should give in soon.

    That said, I am only saying this from a purely biological perspective and i would probably call my gp just to be on the safe side but they're more than likely going to suggest it's normal and to pet it settle?

    Fingers crossed it does!! As I'm eagerly awaiting my insertion (not a fan of needles either!!)

    p.s is it sore?????
  • Hi - I used to have the implanon before LO arrived and I had really random bleeding, headaches and dizziness for about the first 6 months i think. It does settle down though and periods get back to normal and headaches subside (although for me i realised the thing was turning me into psycho angry b***h so had it removed after 18 months lol!!). If you're worried though speak to your GP and i'm sure they'll be happy to answer any questions/concerns you have.

    Don't worry Princess87 - the insertion isn't too bad at all, they numb the area and stuff and it's just a little bruised for a few days afterwards image Definitely not as bad as the 5 attempts IUD insertion I just had - uggggggggg!! x

  • I had an implant about five years ago and spotted old blood for a year before I finally had it removed.

    I think it either suits you or it doesn't but they recommend keeping it for a year because things might settle down.

    B x
  • thanks folks - we are into month 6 now of having it and i think i will give it till christmas - its a bit of a pain in the ass tbh - though i didnt fancy the coil again - lets hope it improves x

    Mrs B - your l;ittle girl is gorgeous x especially the BOING video - that was just adorable x
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