your mood before going into labour...

Hi ladies I'm crashing from pregnancy and toddler forum really, but would love some feed back.

I'm 38+4, and have been feeling fine, had a week absolutely full of braxton hicks, and feeling quite excited, full of busy and nesting like crazy.

Today however I've been absolutey miserable. thats the only way i can put it. I can't think of anything inparticular which is irritating me, I just feel so moody, depressed, snappy, and restless. All I've really done all day is lie on the bed, had a snooze a few times, and I've just been pacing about the house aimlessly not really knowing what to do with myself.

Getting into the evening I feel like If i allowed myself, I would just burst into tears (looking after my daughter so trying hard to get a grip!)

I just feel very hormonal and slugish and pants. how did you all feel leading upto labour? I'm wondering if it's some kind of sign.......


  • That's how I felt. Except I was also devil woman. The only thing that cheered me up was chatting to my niece (she was only 2 - the chats weren't up to much) so I kept phoning her up. In between that I was just a miserable cow really.
  • Hey hun! I was exactly 38+4 when I went into labour! But my mood was fine so don't know really. I did have a "show" the night before though and I really panicked but midwife said a show can happen up to 2 weeks beofre you can go into labour so I tried to relax but I was really nervous and at the same time I tried to take my mind off it. It could be just your hormones playing with you? x

    Kay x
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  • I was a devil woman all through my preg! My mood actually lifted before labour. It was kinda like all the hormones had 'clicked' and were like 'yup cmon let's do this' lol u wasn't snappy or irritable anymore and felt eerily calm. Looking back on it now I'm surprised I didn't realise what was happening

    pacing up and down like a dog trying to find a space to sleep (lol) is perfectly normal at the end of preg and usually accompanies nesting. I used to go for a wee and be in there for 20mins cause I'd start scrubbing the sink! X
  • I don't really remember but I've just asked OH and he simply said "you were evil for about 3 days before you had her"...loving the fact that I can't remember that! I do know that I was out digging a delivery driver out of the snow the night before I went into labour, I think a good bit of physical exercise helps!
  • I felt a bit weird with my first... i couldn't put my finger on it though, not sure how i felt really, just not right!

    With my second i felt totally normal and started cleaning the bathroom and my waters went, no warning signs at all xx
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