how much should LO weigh?

hi ladies
i no all los are difffrent but i was just curious. my LO is 5mths and weighs 18lbs this seems to me massive compared to the babies in our group lol i was just wondering how much your lovely lo's weigh at this age? x


  • Grace will be 5 months on Sunday and was 17lb 10oz just over a week ago so I expect she is about 18lb 2oz now!

    She is bigger than our friends' babies at the same age, but she is also very long so is in proportion!

    Sounds fine to me lol!

    Em x
  • My LO is 5 months tomorrow and was weighed yesterday and was 17lb 12oz! He is quite long too. He was on a changing mat next to a 8 month old baby and my LO looked so much bigger. Turns out he was only a 6lb baby whereas mine was 8lb 8oz at birth!!

  • At 5 months Barney weighed....a lot!! I can't actually remember without checking but I think he was about 18-19lb. He was 9lb 7oz at birth and has always been a big lad, at 19 months he is over 30lb and last time he was weighed was (still) on the 91st centile. In Barney's case it's partly because he has a very long body, bodies weigh more than legs, and partly because he is very chunky with broad shoulders etc. He's always looked big next to other children his age.
  • Oscar was 18lbs ish at about 25 weeks, but he's always been a little chunk - like Barney he's got short legs, and was pretty tall at that age (he hasn't grown in about 4 months height wise so is not tall now lol)

    To be honest, there's no right or wrong as to what they weigh. My niece is 6 months older than my son and is about the same weight, my nephew is about 7 months younger than Oscar but only a couple of pounds lighter. They're all different, just like adults xx
  • pippa was about 15lb at 5 months, but she was only 6lb9oz at birth, she's on the 50th centile and at 10 months i think she weighs about 20lb, but i have friends who's babies are younger then pippa but are already 25lb+ as jemmajem sayd all babies are different sizes as long as there healthy that's all that matters
  • To make you feel better, my lo is 21 weeks and weighs 20lb!! hes on 98th percentile for weight and length!!
    He seems to be around the same as quite a few babies here though!!

  • MJ is 10 1/2 months and only weighs 15lb 5oz ish... but then she is tiny and still in3-6 clothing, just bout moving onto 6-9 months...

  • lolah was 15lb at 5mths, she was 9lb 7oz born, if ur lo is happy and healthy then i wouldnt worry hun. xxx
  • George is 6.5 months and almost 20lb but is on the 98th percentile on height so in proportion. I really wouldn't worry at this stage as long as lo is healthy. We went to a birthday party on Sunday and he is the same size as his 1 year old cousin and was taller and much bigger than a 9 month old baby there too. His other cousin is 15 months and he is almost as tall as her with only 3lb seperating their weight!!
    We get comments all the time about what a big boy he is but he is healthy so I don't mind and the hv has always been happy with his progress. The only downside is we are on 9-12month clothes already and he grows out off stuff too quickly! You would never believe he was 6lb8oz at birth, lost over 10% of his birth weight and took almost 4 weeks to reach his birth weight again. xx
  • I have a chunk of a baby, not been weighed for ages but probably more than 18lb and she is 5 months!
    She's gorgeous though image
    Just going into 6-9 month clothes too but she only has 4 bottles a day so not concerned about overfeeding or anything, she must just take after me haha!

  • My Lo is 18+5 is about 17lb......he is in 6-9 month clothes but he is long...on 91st line so this makes a difference I think......and he is a porker haha
  • My LO was 19lb 5oz when weighed at 4.5 months.
  • hi everyoneimage lo is 5mths +4 and was 18lbs 6oz 2day
    thanks to everyone dont feel strange for having a big lovely lo any more image xxxx
  • Luke was 14lb 2oz at 5 months.

  • Ok, got my lo weighed this am and was 16lb at 16wks! Mr chubster! On advice from hv moving to hungry milk! X
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