Don't know if this is me just me paranoid here but i've noticed jason keeps shaking his head alot or bending it to one side as though he's got an itch on his neck!
he used to just do it at meal times but here's me just thinking he's learnt the whole shaking your head means no thing!! lol but he's started doing it even when he led down on the floor playing, he doesn't do it when crawling but occasionally when he's stood up at the couch or something.

he's not had a temperture but he has had really waxy ears lately has been waking up alot wanting to stand at the side of his cot before he'll go to sleep.

any input please would be helpful girls


  • When cole had an ear infection he had a high temp and was sick. He also went through a shaking head stage and i did worry about an ear infection but he stopped doing it.

    If you are worried though, take him to the docs or call nhs direct to get checked out -its not worth risking missing something - we didn't realise cole had an ear infection -we just thought he had a bit of a cold! How bad did i feel when the doc said he had an ear infection - we'd rung nhs direct when his temp went up cause it was 39.1 and they got us in at the emergency doc just to be on the safe side.
  • Think usually high temp is a give awaw and pulling on their ear, if their old enough to do that xx
  • Kelsie has an ear infection at the minute. This is her 3rd one in her little life bless her. She pulls at her ear, gets a red cheek, covers her ears to loud noises, high temperature. If that sounds familiar then I would say your LO has one.

    Hope he feels better soon.

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