allergic to formula milk?

does anyone have a baby thats allergic to formula milk?
i have been ex breast feeding for 8.5 mths and have now switched to formula. baby starting taking formula on tuesday and has since, friday evening been developing a rash- it started as a small rash on his stomach and now is all over his body. i am wondering whether he is allergic to formula milk and was wondering whether anybody elses baby is allergic to formula milk? I am taking him to the drs tomorrow.


  • My twin boys are allergic to cows milk protein. I bf for 8 weeks before switching to formula. I dont eat dairy, or only in small quantities so it didnt come through my milk, therefore the bf didnt affect the boys. Alfie was especially bad. He developed eczema, awful tummy ache and green, toxically messy and smelly nappies and they eventually refused milk altogether and started to lose weight. If you eat dairy, and he has dairy in his diet then I doubt he has an allergy there, but I dont know what else is in formula milk so it could be another ingredient??

    My boys are now 8 months and cant have dairy, or soya, in their diet.

    HTH a little xx
  • thanks for the reply gemmiebaby, what milk do you give your boys now? (if any). do you need to substitute the dairy products with other things?
    i am not allergic to dairy products and ds has had cheese and other things - i just dont know what else could have caused it as nothing else has changed.

  • hi lizzie has cows milk protien and lactose intolerence. hers started after i stopped breastfeeding-like gemmiebaby i harldy have nay in my diet.
    hers started as a rash on her tummy and soon developed into ezcema all over her! it was a battle and half to get gp to try a different milk but after taking my mum with me they agreed and its been like having a different baby.
    she also had awful colic and she would poo during or straight after every bottle and it would reach her shoulders!!
    she was put onto soya milk but was then stopped as she was way under the 6 months mark which they are allowed soya. she is now on nutramigen milk which is a milk prescribed by the doctor.
    we have to go see the dieticain after 6 months and can see a pead at any time but all they want to do is blood tests but with lizzie is is blindingly obv if she has something she cant have as the rash comes up very quickly and she ends up with tummy ache. like the strawberrys i gave her the other day they dont agree poor mite ending up with a very sore face and runny poo!
  • hi my ds1 was the same he also couldn't have milk, cheese eggs yougart or anything with e numbers until he was over 2!!!! My ds1 also ''broke out' on the only ounce of formula I have ever managed to get him to eat (hes a boob addict) so we have been given infasoy for when the time comes to get him off the boobies xx
  • my little girl who is almost 11 weeks is also allergic and is now on special medicated milk as she is allergic to cows milk protein and soya and is now on milk called neocate. We had an appointment with a dietician to see what she can eat food wise when it comes time to wean but i stupidly went at the wrong time and now have another appointment.
    If your lo was truly allergic to cows milk etc then they couldnt eat cheese etc, perhaps its something else in the milk? x
  • no2bump - Were on Neocate. Weaning has been ok for us, but only because I make it all myself. The issue we have is, not they are 8 months, variety. Its difficult to vary their diet as they are stuck with many sauces etc. Our dietician was fab as there are many ways that 'milk' is described, and many names it is given, that it can be a bit of a minefield.

    Sorry, ive hijacked but dont find many people with babies on Neocate!
  • HI,

    Im trying to wean my baby 61/2 months she's been on Nutramigen for over 2 months and was a God send for her, she cried in pain several times a day for over 4 months, had terrible wind and body rashes till we went on the new formula.

    Im finding weaning really hard everytime she has anything with milk in she comes out in rash all over her face within a couple of mins, (happened twice when I didnt realise there was milk in the ingred) and when I gave her a fromage frais little stars. The Pead said I must assume she has a milk allergy due to her been so much better on the formula and given the face rashes (not been tested) but other than being told to use the formula for cooking no other dietry advice was given so I havn't got a clue what I should be doing.

    Have people been referred to a dietician? Should I be asking for this?

    Thanks Inka x
  • Gemmiebaby, thats good to know, i also dont know anyone else that has a baby on neocate, did you know you can cook and bake with it? not sure how it works but my gp said you can. Does your los like it? i found Lucie took to it well but my HV said she has never heard of a baby actually taking it without added icing sugar??????? apparently thats what the advise to take the rank taste off it!
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