Cradle Cap - What did you use and how long did it last?

Hi Ladies

Subject says it all really! Toby has got cradle cap and it seems to be getting worse even though we are using Dentinox cradle cap shampoo every night.

I would be interested to know what other people have used and how long it took to clear up.

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  • i use dentinox too but as my lo has ezcema we only do it a couple of times a week. It hasn't got worse but certainly hasn't disappeared either - it isn't terrible though! She has had it for the last 7 mths (she is 10mths now!)

    i think they usually grow out of it by a year old. When they get more hair it covers it up too! Don't forget it doesn't bother them in them in the slightest - it is just us who don't like it!
  • I think dentinox made Abby's worse to be honest.

    We tried everything, but in the end the combo that worked for us was washing her hair in aqueous cream, then putting more aqueous cream on her wet hair, rubbing it into her scalp and leaving it on overnight. We ditched all other shampoo's etc (inc the dentinox) and it went really quick.

    Now I find it flares up if we use Johnsons shampoo - so I stick to the bodyshop buriti shampoo and it works a treat!

  • I have been told by a friend that Dentinox cradle cap shampoo just dries it out and doesn't work. I have recently found a cradle cap cream in Boots that I am giving a go and I was told by medical staff to use olive oil, massage it in at night, leave it on all night and then wash it out in the morning, My LO doesn't particularly like her hair being washed over the sink first thing to so have given her a break from it tonight. Have only noticed on her the last couple of days and can't really see it because of her hair, but I can see it and I know it is there. Probably should just leave it as no one else notices it, but it is bugging me x
  • Megan'sMum - he he he, I wonder who that friend was? Sounds very familiar! Would you like to try some of the buriti shampoo (i'll lend you a squirt!) see if it helps any. It smells lush! We have to get Smeggy compeletly gorgeous and cradle cap free before her big day next week! image
  • i used dentinox every other night and on the nights we didnt use it i massages vaseline into lo's head and the scab came off from using vaseline, he had it really bad and it took a total of 4 weeks to get rid of it completely.

    ashy x
  • Go use olive oil cheap and extremly good, it really works, I just rubed a bit on his head and left it on over night after a few days it went.

  • I used Dentinox shampoo and found it worked really well. It seemed to dry the skin out properly so the flakes came away easily. It did take a week to get rid of it properly though. I used olive oil first and found it didn't do anything to help at all.

    I also use oilatum in the bath and on the nights I don't use the dentinox (I use it still every 3 or 4 nights as a preventative measure) I just wash his hair with the bathwater and his scalp is now flake free and very soft!
  • olive oil, only used it for a week or two and it completely went, carried on just using a tiny bit after bath time and it never came back
  • We've never used anything, it doesn't do any harm. Lily's has only ever been mild and you can still see it very slightly at 15 months. It's not scabby or hanging off or anything though, it just looks like a few freckles.
  • I used dentinox at the first signs of it and it was gone after 2 washes, maybe it only works if you get in there early? My Mum swears by Vaseline if dentinox isn't working for you though x
  • Definately olive oil. Dd1 had quite bad cradle cap and we rubbed it in and left it and then combed it out. I think olive oil is great for most things, dd2 was born with meconium in the waters and so had quite a bad rash all over her body and olive oil cleared it up within a few days. And like Rebecca said its cheap too.
  • i used olive oil on DD2 who had it quite bad, worked a treat and cost nothing as we already had it in the cupboard. xxx
  • G/C from toddler. My dd (2) gets this now. I used Dentinox and it never seemed to work much.

    I now use olive oil. I rub it onto the problem areas, leave for a while then comb out. Then at bath time shampoo as normal (but only using the tiniest amount of shampoo).

    As adults we should only use a 50p sized blob of shampoo - lo's only need the tiniest amount. I'm not sure if product build up would make cradle cap worse but I'm sure it doesn't help matters.

    hth x
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