Q about taking the pill (in particular yamin)

Hi girls, just a quicky, can alcohol effect the pill? I had alot to drink the night before last and we drunkenly BD loads. I forgot to take that nights pill so took it roughly 12/13 hours later. So I have fingers crossed that Im still 'safe'

Eek! - any advice please?

Elaine & Boys xx


  • I dont think alcohol affects the pill at all and check the information leaflet as I know mine said that if you forgot to take the pill just take it again as soon as you remember. I think they each give a couple of days of protection.
  • Lol Elaine!!!! I was living Gran Canaria partying loads when I was on yasmin and never fell pregnant with my then partner (thank god he was an arse!) so think you will be fine hun! xxxx
  • Alcohol won't effect it but with Yasmin you do need to take it within 12 hours otherwise protection can be effected. However if you have taken all the other pills fine then you should be OK to miss 1. I'm on Yasmin, I did try the patch Evra but OMG it felt sooo itchy and uncomfortable on my skin so back to Yasmin! xx
  • cool, thanx girlies. Only missed that one YMGM so hopefully I'll be ok.

    thanx again xx
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