am I better off working? -also in toddler

Not sure if this is the best place to post but I've been offered a job in a nursing home on minimum wage, they are quite flexible with whatever hours I can/want to do but I cannot decide how many hours would be good for me and over how many days and also I don't want to be working if it means I'm out of pocket. Ideally I don't want to work on Saturdays as oh only has weekends off.
From September Tegan will be going to nursery on mon & wed morns and all day friday, my mil could have Tegan and Leo (16months) all day on a tuesday and im sure my mum wont mind helping out. a local child minder is only ??2.50 per child as well.
My oh is out of the house from 8-5.30 so I need to suit it around him and he currently earns 15k a year (this should go up soon as he's just qualified)
I don't want to work a ridiculous amount and not see any of the money, currently we are getting tax credits and housing benefit.

so my question is are you better off working? and how do you cope managing work and your lo's with the house to keep on top of as well?

-the reason I'm partly considering working is because I'm applying for a nursing degree which will start in sept 11 and was told this work should benefit me in that area.

Any help is greatly appreciated image

Hannah xxx


  • hello

    it might be worth giving the credits helpline and the council a ring to see what will effect you benefit, esp with housing benefit, it might be worth looking into evening work when the LO are in bed or maybe 1 or 2 days?

    i finished my nurse training in 07, its definatley worth doing a bit of care work before so your not a complete novice when you start as its so much easier going on to a ward with a bit of experience of dealing with peoples needs,

    do you have the diploma where you are, you get a bursary for the diploma as well as childcare help which you dont in the degree, it is also easy to top up to the degree once qualified, you get between ??5k and ??8K depending on your age and child allowance on top, a friend of mine did hers with 3 kids so its doable just requires a bit or organisation and planning to fit work in, you get quite a lot of holiday and holidays are usualy work free as for some reason they would prefer you to do all your academic work during your 40 hours working weeks which is intersting!

  • I've no experience of benefits so can't help but I'd say to go with your gut instinct. If you want to work, then do so but I honestly doubt you'll see much financial benefit.

    If you are serious about doing a nursing degree in a few weeks time, then I'd hold off and wait to see how much time that will take, as I think you might have your work cut out doing a degree and looking after 2 children as well.

    Hope others can give better advice but I say do whats best for you and your family hun xx
  • Hiya hun, I finished my nursing diploma in 08. I would definitely agree with piggypops that some care experience is definitely benificial, but it's not the be all and end all (I never had any before I started and yes the first few weeks on placement are harder but..)
    Is echo the same about the diploma v degree money-wise. But because of the set up of our course our holiday over Christmas was always piled high with work. Good luck xx

  • Just a quick question ! How coMe ur entitled to housing benefit when ur oh earns 15k a year???????? My oh gets 13 a year n I'm on dla n were told r income is too high!! Sorry but that seems so unfair to me!!
  • The work experience would help you but you are best doing 1 or 2 shifts a week as it will affect all your benefits. Also stick to the number of hours each week otherwise they will mess uo any benefits every time they have to recalculate it. My sis did exactly what you plan to do and starts her course next month, I would be tempted just to work a shift on a Tuesday (and possibly one on Monday or Wednesday), when you have the best cover childminding-wise.

    Good luck
    Moom x
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