concerned about Bellybutton

My Daughter is 8 months and recently we have noticed that her belly button is protruding quite a bit, im not sure if its an outtie belly button as i have never seen one before but she wasnt born with a outtie belly button and like i said its only recently become like this. Is this something that i should be concerned about? - Could something be wrong? - any help would be grateful!

Jenna and Emily


  • I have no idea tbh, but if you're worried take her to the GP, or maybe mention it to the HV if your's are any good.

    Is her tummy hard, or does there feel like there is anything behind it? Don't know if constipation could cause this?
  • hmm, i don't know, but perhaps it could be a hernia? if ur worried then see ur gp. but while we're on the subject, ds has an outie and he's actually the only 'baby' (14.5months) that has one lol, i remember it was sticking out as a newborn and we thought eventually it would go in lol x
  • Hey hun

    Not sure if this is any help, but my DD's belly button has protuded since birth, and looks like a cherry (not in colour but in shape) - it is perfectly round, almost like a round circle of skin sitting where the belly button should be!!!!!

    It didn't bother me at first but does now, especially when I say my other friends babies and they have "perfect" belly buttons!!!!

    I mentioned it to the HV, as I was worried it might be a hernia, who said when she cries if it "throbs" then it is a hernia but if it doesn't then that's just her belly button.....well it doesn't throb so sadly it's just one of those things.

    Suppose my baby can't be perfect eveywhere!!!!


  • Thanks rachel, thaat really really helps as emily's is constantly going in and out particuarly when she is upset. i Will get to the docs in the morning, should i be worried about this?
  • Don't be worried if it's not causing her any distress. If it is a hernia, the main problem is some can become strangulated. Meaning the blood supply is reduced/cut off. But you'll be ok to wait for the GP tomorrow. Not sure if they would suggest surgery, but if it did come to that, it's a simple procedure. You're best to not panic, and just see what the dr says. Might be nothing. Let us know hun. xx
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