may be a strange ques but im curious

Which r more difficult boys or girls??? I only ask this because I hear people saying girls r harder than boys n vice versa. I'd like ur views on this please


  • Like Mr n Mrs Pumps says, it totally depends on your baby. I have one of each and they were both 'easy' babies, very smiley, very content generally and just happy! Although DS had bad colic and DD silent reflux so their babyhoods weren't without problems.
    As toddlers, DS was happier to amuse himself and would play on his own while I got jobs done. DD prefers being in company and 'helping' with jobs but I think that's because she's the youngest so is used to having big brother around. DD certainly became more wilful and stubborn at an earlier age than DS was but again, I suspect she's learnt a lot from him. All in all they've been on a par with each other easyness wise. We're very lucky lol!
  • i know that girls generally develop skills quicker than boys but as for being easier or more difficult i dont think it can be said!!!
  • Well my mum had easy girls and difficult boys, I have one girl and she is a very difficult girl, my niece is a very easy girl and my two nephews were both difficult babies and toddlers, so again it depends on each individual baby xxx
  • I guess it is an individual thing but with the toddlers/babys i know (friends, family etc) boys seem a lot easier than girls.

    I have a 22 month old dd and a 4 weeks old ds and so far he is a much easier baby than dd was xx
  • I was the only girl and had 4 brothers, and my mum said I was the hardest,

    I have had 2 boys, and they are so different that as everyone says it depends of the baby! My first slept through the night from 8 weeks, my second has only just slept through the night and he is nearly 19 weeks!!
  • In my experience from working in a nursery and as a nanny boys are generally more laid back than girls but girls have a longer attention span and less destructive so they balance each other out over the years (obviously this is a Massive generalisation!)
    Obviously this is based on looking after other peoples children so I can't comment on newborns or when they are with their own parents in their own environment.
    I can say that my little boy is the most chilled out, happy baby I have ever come across.
  • lol...I have identical twin boys and 1 is difficult and one is relatively easy! God knows how...THEYRE IDENTICAL!

    Theyre very very different 'personality wise' though. My sister has 2 girls and both are fairly difficult though.
  • defo agree that its individual to the baby x
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