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This is slightly OT so forgive me. I know this has come up before and I hope you can help me.

I am going back to work as a teacher next week and have been given some Year 13 (18 years) General Studies lessons. Anyway I am covering a number of different topics, one of which is "Breastfeeding in Public - should it be allowed?".

What I would like is some real life case studies of BF in public and/or your opinions about this. I personally haven't had any issues but I know some of you have. I would of course make them totally anomalous - I wouldn't even mention this site - I would just describe certain circumstances to them and ask whether they thought the BF mum and/or the complainant were justified. The point of it is for them to have a healthy discussion of both sides and come up with their own final opinion (hopefully that it's ok image but I can't force my own opinion on them).

I do not want to go back over old threads as those people posted in privacy. If you post here I will assume you are ok for me to use your story. :\)

Thank you very much in advance,
H xx


  • Did you just want negative experiences or experiences both positive and negative hun? x
  • I always had really positive experiences apart from one time when Jake was about two weeks old I went on the bus cos I had had a c-section and it was delayed on the way back. Jake needed feeding but the bus was packed with school and college kids. Jake was screaming so I fed him. When I was bf I always wore a pashmina scarf so I tied that around me so no one could see anything but the lads all started shouting "get your tits out for the lads!"

    I was soo embarrassed. I just dont think lads of that age have seen it before a lot of the time and are very sexual at that age. I think it would be great to have that discussion. Never did that it my gen studies!
  • I have had only positive experiencaes about PF in public. I have never had anyone come up to me and stop doing it, and havent really noticed any disgusted looks. But I think though it is due to the fact that I do it with confidence and am not shy about it or hiding it behind screens. I can totally whip out the whole boob lol (not doing it though cause I have nice boobing tops :P).

    Only times when I actually cover a bit up is if there are some older gentlemen looking at me boobies. I think they dont look at em with malice but rather out of not seeing boobies for quite a while. Heheh

    Even I as a breastfeeding mum dont notice a lot of BF mums in public as it can be done so discreetly even with loads of boob out! Baby hides most of it, and if you re comfortable with it and are sitting in a cafe and chatting with friends while doing it, most people will just walk past just thinking you re cuddlingyour baby.
  • I only ever had good experiences with BF in public aswell. I did used to feel very self conscious though as im quite a shy person, most of the time though people don't know what your doing just looks like your cuddling baby. As he got older though i stopped bf him in public as he's to nosey and would constantly stop to have a look around.xx
  • I've had mainly positive experiences, apart from a couple of occasions.
    First time, i was feeding lo sitting on a bench in my local shopping centre. The mother and baby room there is absolutely disgusting, it stinks, is never cleaned, and has a stool (yes, a stool) to sit on. Much more comfy on the bench! An old lady came over to me an told me that exposing myself in a public area is obscene. I told her that feeding a baby is not obscene, that i was showing far less breast than a lot of young girls walking past in their low cut tops, and that if she didnt like it she could always look away! Didnt go down too well, but at least she went away, with much head shaking and muttering lol.
    2nd time i was in a mother and baby area (in lakeside, much nicer, clean, with toys and lots of visual stimulation for the kids, just thought i'd big up lakeside for their standards lol!) the specific breastfeeding area has soft benches and curtains, but it is sort of around a corner that i couldnt fit my pram in to so i parked up on a seat next to the soft play area and started to feed. Lots of people walked past not even realising i was BF, a few looked and smiled, said hi, commented on the cute baby etc etc. And then a cleaner came past, looked and said "oh, theres a room just around there" I smiled at her and told her i was fine where i was but thank you, thinking she was just trying to be helpful, but then she went on to say, no, she meant where i was sitting wasnt the designated area, and that i might make others feel uncomfortable! So i again smiled, told her that most people coming in where concentrating on their own children, and again told her i was fine where i was thanks.
    But they are just 2 occasions out of very many times BF in public, and apart from a few stares, and the snidey little glances from young teenage boys who really can't help it lol, i find most people don't even notice. Or maybe they do but don't care!
    I don't get everything out, and what is out is all covered up by the baby, and i did used to wrap a blanket around us before i gained confidence, but i found it was a hindrance with latching on, plus Bella doesnt like being covered, she likes to be nosy and have a look around! xxxx
  • Jan Donut - Positive and negative experiences are good, thanks.

    H xx
  • Sorry I can't help much either. After 11mths of feeding my DS (in both UK & Spain) i've had no negative comments.

    I'm not particularly discreet as don't wear nursing tops, pashmina or use any facilities. But thankfully had no negative comments, have had a few positive though!
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