Ive had enough!!


Well after another night of Isabella refusing to sleep in her cot ive had enough!! basically, Isabella will have her last bottle about 8:30 and i leave her to sleep in my arms for about half an hour before putting her down in her cot, where she immediatley wakes up, she wont go back asleep and starts crying. Ive tried everything, cot mobiles, swaddling, putting her dummy back in but she just lays their crying. Ive had enough because she has been sleeping in the bed with my boyfriend and I! i just wish she would settle in the cot! has anybody got any advice?!? xx


  • Aww hun, you must feel so frustrated. She will get there in the end, I think perserverence is the key.

    How long are you leaving her to cry? Nathan struggled for a while and we tried controlled crying. The thing it made me realise was how quickly we were going to him as we were trying to settle him before he got too cross. We only let him cry 5 minutes (10 max) but it felt like an eternity. We did it for one night, the second he went down stright away and he's had no problems since (except morning nap which he really fights but things never feel as hard during the daytime so I can handle this one).

    Good luck, hope she settles for you soon.

  • we used to do this and it is very hard, have you tried putting a hot water bottle in the cot first (remove it when you put her in) it'll just make the bed feel nice and warm like you. or have the sheets smelling like you, does she have a dummy, that was my little saviour! good luck, it does get easier
  • What i always did when getting my daughter to sleep was get her blanket from her cot and hold her in it while getting her to sleep then when i laid her down she still had the warmth and my smell on the blanket.

    Now she just settles with her mobile and soothing blanket.

    Good luck

    Lisa xxx
  • Do you have a bedtime routine ? Ever since we implemented this Archie has had very few problems going down at night, except for the odd night. What about naps during the day, where does she sleep then ? Would she sleep in cot during the day, if so is there something about daytime naps you could try at nighttime. S x
  • When we moved Zacky to his cot at new year we put his favourite fleecy (folded up) next to his head with his glow worm on it. Worked a treat, but we had always put him in his cot to play for short periods since we got home from hospital.
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