Moving the long nap to the afternoon - can I do this?


Adam is 21-and-a-bit weeks and currently has three naps per day - a long morning nap (9.15 to 10.30/11 ish) and then two 40 min naps (at around 1.30 and 5pm).

I was just wondering if anyone had successfully changed a long morning nap into a long afternoon nap? I think if he napped for longer after lunch we could skip the 5pm catnap and he would settle easier at bedtime (7pm).

I had thought about waking him up after 30/40 mins on a morning, but on the occasions when he has naturally woken after this time, he has not slept any longer in the afternoon and has just been super-cranky for the rest of the day.

Any tips??



  • Hi
    Where does he takes his naps (in the cot, pushchair, bouncy chair etc)?

    We did the opposite really when my DD was 6 months as she only used to take 30 mins in a morning, an hour at lunch then 30 mins at 4pm ish. However she naturally started to drop the 4pm nap, and the 30 mins in a morning was driving me potty as I then felt everything HAD to revolve around her getting one long nap in an afternoon.
    So, I did a bit of tweaking and since 6 months (she's now 9) she goes for 1.5 hours in a morning (from 9.30 - 11 ish) and 40 mins or so around 2pm. I then brought bedtime forward by 15 mins (so 6.45pm) and that's her until 6.30/7 in the morning. Suits us as I know she's had her good nap already, and in her bed, rather than the pushchair.

    Sooooo, anyway what I'm trying to get at (:lolimage is that if you'd rather him do a longer afternoon one then could you switch things about like I did (but just the opposite way if that makes sense)?
    HTH xx
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