baby naps: HELP!

Hi ladies,

My little lad is 20 weeks now and still only has 3 30min naps per day. He then goes to bed at 7pm and wakes anywhere between 2 and 5 times each night before getting up at about 6am.

Im sure my little girl was having a short morning nap and about a 2hour afternoon nap by this stage.

My question is: did you little ones automatically start napping for longer in the day o did you do something to encourgage them?

Thanks x


  • Hi sarah I was/am in a similar situation to your good self. Firstly - do you bf, (I'm sure its not the case with all bf mummies as I know many in my own birth month who have bf babies that do) personnally I found the same with Reece it was as if my milk was not enough to 'knock him out' so to speak, he fed minimum 45 mins and max 1 and a half between feeds I would have been lucky if he went to sleep for more than 20 mins

    number 2 - have you started to wean?? my nights were like your too and after four weeks of minimum get up of 4 times I was exhasuted so my nice hv told me to go ahead and wean!

    Obviously I am not saying at all to start weaning, what I am saying is that if you are waiting until 6 months to wean then it's not that long to go and I think your sleep issues will resolve then too.

    Once I started weaning reece I took him out for a walk or in the car straight after breakfast and lunch and did this for 3 weeks, this helped as he went to sleep at these times as he was full and the motion kept him over, it also 'told' him these were sleepy times, as of yesterday I started to put him in the moses basket (which he would never ever sleep in during the day from birth only in the car before weaning) and so far he has taken his naps in it (I do still have to bf him over to sleep but htis only takes 5 mins and I will deal with that at a later date, one thing at a time lol) he slept yesterday for almost an hour in the morning and about an hour and 40 mins after lunch.

    so to anwer your question in my case encouragement was needed I was flippin dedicated I didn't miss a single walk/car journey at the same two times every day until I was sure he was naturally tired at these times in order to 'risk' the sleep inthe basket lol!!!

    goo dluck xx (reece is 19 weeks by the way so they are close in age)
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