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Leaky Nappy

I learnt something new today and thought I would share it with you. Actually I learnt 2 new things today, about nappies.
1) The inside of a nappy that soaks up the week is the same stuff as they use in McDonalds milkshakes!!!!

2) To prevent leaky nappiesyou should fold the nappy length ways to make a banana shape and stretch out the leg elastic before using, apparently this "activates" the leg elastic thus preventing leaks. My auntie works in a disabled school with kids who wear nappies and had a training session about nappies. This is one of the things they were taught!


  • Me too Boo, but apparently that doesn't fully activate the leg elastic. I have no idea how it works!!!
  • Like Boo, i tend to stratch the nappy out too but will put more effort into it from now on!!

    Amber had an explosive pooh in a whilst we were having lunch in a pub on monday and of course the nappy leaked. I had to carry her through the restaurant covered in pooh whilst my mum ran to the car for the spare clothes!!
  • I went out with my mum for lunch today to a bistro that has just been refurbished. I needed to change Bronwyn's nappy and asked for the disabled loo as the ladies had so little space that you would be pushed to swing a mouse let alone a cat. Anyway, the staff appologised and said that they hadn't yet got a baby changing area sorted but would do for future visits!
  • You'd think!!!
    In the pub i was in on monday i had to change Amber on the loo floor and just hope no one came in as Amber was covered! When i questioned the waitress about lack of kids menu and changing facilities she said that the management insisted they had nothing that made them look like they encouraged children in the pub even though they are welcome!!
  • The first person I spoke to was confused and didn;t even know if they had a disabled toilet! Anyway, the manageress was mortified that there was no where for me to change her nappy and so led us into a newly decorated corridoor to the hotel rooms and said that i could change her there on the nice caroet rather than having to kneel on a toilet floor. Not ideal but better than a cold toilet floor!
  • Hi Caroline,

    That was nice of her. There is nothing worse than changing nappies on a toilet floor. Unfortunately the toilets at most stockcar tracks aren't geered up for babies but i can get Charl to stand up while i change her.
  • I went to the races once with Jessica and there was no changing rooms, so i had to do it outside on the grass (it was summer).
    Do people not think about parents!
  • Sometimes I think people forget that people with young children and babies try to have a life and still go to places. It's frustrating but i always try not to let it ruin a day out, that wouldn't be right.
  • in weston super mare theres this lovely bar.resturant b ut also lacks baby chang e facilities

    so had to change robert on the floor, they were ok about that, as long as it wasnt too busy!

  • On the A1 north bound there is a petrol station that is being demolished and an old Little Chef has been changed into a Starbucks. The disabled toilet has a baby changing unit and provides a basket of different sized nappies and a pack of baby wipes. I was very impressed.
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