Sore bottom

Sara is 6 months and for the past 48 hrs has been having all the classic teeething symptoms, which I'm pretty sure this is too but just thought I'd pick your brains! Since about lunchtime I've noticed that she's had a bit of a red bottom, with some tiny spots you think this would be from her teeth or maybe the heat or a combination of both? - I realise not that it actually matters!

Secondly, what should I put on it? We had about an hour nappy off time this afternoon, and then I've put on some weleda callendula nappy cream this evening before bed. I was also thinking that if she wakes during the night I'd change her nappy too - entirely likely is we have a repeat of last night! We don't use wipes when she's changed, we've got reusable wipes that just have water on them and I let her air-dry.

Is there anything else I can be doing for her?

My poor baby, as if teeth aren't enough to deal with!

Thanks ladies xxx


  • Can't offer much advice hun as ds is only 12 weeks. But midwife advised us to use Vaseline to help get the meconium off in the first few days but we've carried on as like to know his bums being looked after and touch wood he's not had a red bum yet x
  • we ended up resorting to use reuable nappies as my LO's bum is so bad. we've tried every cream going including creams from my dr and nothing worked. real nappies have made a big help (although i still use disposables at night)

    a good tip i was given was to use aston and parsons powders that you put in their mouth as it nutralises the poo and wee or something like that which can break down the skin.

    it sounds like your doing all that you can from home. if its no better in a few days, give your HV a ring
  • We've always used Metanium on our los. They both had horrendously sore bottoms when teething and this cleared it up overnight. It's a wonder cream lol! Most supermarkets sell it and you only need a tiny bit so it lasts ages.
  • thanks ladies, we're using reusables too so tick that box! We used to use vaseline too but a friend told me not to use it with reusables because it affects the absorbancy?? Anyone else hear this?? Ooooohhh Ashton & Parsons, I'd forgotten about that one, had some of them a while ago, off to chemist tomorrow

    Her wee bottom is looking a little better today, less spotty so fingers crossed we're on the mend.

    Thanks again for your replies xxx
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