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I'm new to this site but was wondering if anyone could help me, my LO is 5wks old and is very very windy, it's not that she's having a problem bringing it up, it's coming out the other end quite well!!! This may sound daft but I'm a first time mum n not too sure but she has been trumping away ALL day. a lot. Not sure this is normal, plus for the past two days she's been vomiting and has cold/flu like symptoms, also she has had more dirty nappies than she normally does? Getting a bit worried as she is crying inconsolobly especially tonight image think she's tired herself out for now as she is sleeping now but was only sleeping for 10/15 minutes at a time x any help would be great, thank you xxx:\?


  • welcome to the site. i have no advice though sorry. it's amazing how quickly you forget tose early days. im sure someone who is helpful will read this soon. are you breastfeeding as t could be something you've eaten that baby doesnt like?
  • if your at all worried hun, take little one to the Docs, if only to put your mind at rest. I can tell you though that the trumping away is perfectly normal though. My DS is only 23 weeks and can already rival daddy in the bottom burp area, lol.

    If she has been sick alot it might do some good to offer a little cooled boiled water, just to help keep her fluids up.
  • hello there and welcome

    my son has always been a very windy bum, when he was very young he used to suffer badly at the top end and we found gripewater helped, has your baby got a temp? has she had plenty of wet nappies today? if your really worried maybe worth giving NHS direct a ring x
  • WHat cold/flu symptoms does she have? If she has a snotty nose it's probably that that's making her sick, they aren't great at co-ordinating their breathing and I know that when DS had a cold at about the same age he was quite sicky as the snotty splutteriness makes them upchuck.

    If she has a temperature and it's ongoing for more than a couple of days, or goes above 40 degrees if you use a thermometer, I'd take her to the GP just to put your mind at rest, but I'm sure she's fine.

    My DS is 5 months and his dad has called him Trumptastic since he was tiny because he's a right little fartyarse. IT's possible as well that if you're breastfeeding, she is reacting to things in your milk that makes her gassy! Garlic/chilli/curry always made DS' farting worse. Oh, and green veg!
  • Hi everyone, sorry I didn't reply last night Corra started crying again and wouldn't settle so had to see to her but thank you all for your comments, tried water, she wasn't that interested in it but seems to be doing better today, she took her whole bottle with no vomiting afterwards x she still has quite watery dirty nappies but is not screaming and sounding in pain anymore, thank god! Thank you all though, was so worried xxx
  • Only just saw this but glad that Corra seems ot be coming right - and as the others have said, don't worry about the farting!! Toby used to fart like an old man at that age, lol! It really is a case of better out than in and he stopped doing it so much after a while.
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