question for my and preg related

hi ladies .....i was wondering if anyone can help re ,job and being pregnant ....ok here goes

my sister is **whispers*** 9 weeks pregnant ....and she started working for tesco 6 weeks ago ,which means she didnt know she was pregnant when she started working for them :roll: any hoo she is on a tempory contract and has been off twice with really really bad sickness ,she suffers with a sickness illness since she was a baby and the pregnancy has triggered it again today she decided to tell her manager she was pregnant cos she needs support and cant do overtime and her manager told her that after the contract is up their terminating her contract because of her absence ....she is gutted but we suspected as much :roll: so my question is will she get any mat pay or any help finacially at all if she isnt working from 12 weeks preg????? her oh is working about 30hrs a week

really hope some one can help xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I dont think he is allowed to dismiss her for sickness/illnesses etc. Its not her fault if she's ill. How long was her temp contract for?

    I think she could claim a slight amount of SMP depending on how many hours she worked in the 52 week period.

    She'll be entitled to the ??500 surestart if her OH is earning under 16k a year, and the ??190 grant. Also up until 36 weeks you can actively seek work so if she felt up to it she could probably claim JobSeekers.


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  • If she does work for 26weeks (of 66weeks test period). of her pregnancy she will get ??123 or 90% of her earnings

    If you give me her due date, I can let you knwo when the 66 weeks start from.

    If she was working from at least 14weeks before she found out she was pregnant, I believe that she will be entitled to it.
  • From what i cant wortk out, she wont get smp as u have to be employed continuously for at least 26weeks up to and into the 15thweek before the week baby is due.

    If you click this link, they click the first suggestion it will download the information and table which will show the 66week test period.

    I thought you could earn something around 350-??60 if you ahvent worked at all, but i cant seem to find any information right now.

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  • thanks for your replies ..right well she will have worked continuosly (but not for the same employer)up until she is 12 weeks pregnant ..her edd from her lmp is 28th march 09 her oh will defo earn less than 16k a year ...there in a real pickle not sure what there gonna do now ...they just moved here 7 weeks ago but now are going to move back home :cry: i love having them close

    thanks for your replies xxx
  • just a thought and i'm sure someone will correct me, but i thought if your illness was related to your pregnancy then your employer can't hold it against you or discipline you for it. I had terrible absence from work due to being pregnant but beacause it was pregnancy related they couldn't put me on special measures.
    just found this, so they can't termenate her contract if the illness is pregnancy related

    hope this helps
  • infact just found this further down the page

    Dismissal whilst Pregnant
    If you are dismissed from employment whilst pregnant, you are entitled to have the reasons for your dismissal in writing. If you have been dismissed for reasons relating to your pregnancy, your dismissal will be automatically unfair and you may have an employment tribunal claim against your employer.

  • thanks girlinleeds ill show her this xxxx
  • I agree with girlinleeds. Dismissing her, or not keeping her on due to sickness in pregnancy or ANY type of sickness for that matter just seems really unfair.

    Have a look at this site:-

    It seems really useful.

    Should help you and your sis work out what she is entitled to and how to claim.

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