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sorry, but this is about fleas

Its such a nightmare. About 2 month ago, OH's mams cat got fleas. she did the treatment on it and cleaned her house and sprayed it. but before she realised, they managed to attatch to us and the boys and transfer their way to my house. I dont have any pets. Now i have sprayed my whole house twice now, and cleaned everything and they are still here!! I cant get rid of them and i feel so dirty even though i know its not my fault! Does anyone know how i can get fid of them? I picked one off matthew today and it jumped off me. i am so depressed about it. i really feel dirty!! xxx

Ps. i am fomaly known as heather matthew n joshua xx


  • hi there, I have cats but am particular about them never getting fleas especially now we have lo and they bite me to death!!
    Fleas can live in carpets with out needing to go onto a animal for 365days before they'll die, they'll feed off crap in the carpet and you. Cat fleas are the worst as dog fleas don't bite humans but these little blighters do?

    what stuff have you used? was it shop bought or from vets? from my experience the shop bought stuff doesn't work, you need a good stuff from the vets (some chemists sell it now) but you'll pay for it.
    Either that or you can phone your council and they'll come and spray but again I don't think they do it free and you'd probably ahve to move out for a couple of days.
    tell oh mum she should buy the prevention stuff instead of waiting for them to get fleas, you can buy frontline from the chemists now for about ??10 for 3 months supply so its hardly expensive and prevention is better than waiting for them to get it.
    Hope you get sorted, and your not dirty - its not your fault honey!!

    ps if you do get one of the blighters make sure you crack it in between your finger nails (you'll hear a snap) - its the only way to kill them
  • Yeah we got the stuff from the vets. the spray cost ??20 and she got the fronline stuff. i sprayed the bed, curtains, sofas and carpets. all round the edge of the rooms n they still here! I dunno what else to do. i am so fed up now. my legs r a mess! they are only biting me! my legs are gonna scar!! HELP!! xxx

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  • yeah the stuff from the vets is really good and make sure u spray right into the edges and corners of ur carpets cuz thats where they like to go...i'm sure when i had my cats they had an injection to stop them getting fleas...could be imagining it though? lol x
  • oh hon, you may want to the house again in a couple of days but they can also take a couple of days to die.

    The do tend to go for woman over men its got something to do with our hormones!!! but try not to scratch as they will scar. If they are really getting to you, you could try an antihystamine like piriton, that should ease the itching.
  • Yeah i think i'll do the whole house again at the weekend. Just that speay costs a fortune! If they still at his mams they just gonna keep coming back over. she needs to sort it out her end!

    Do u know how much the council charge?

    I'll defo get some piriton. they itch like hell! gonna buy some bio oil n see if i can reduce any scarring to.

    God damn fleas. why do they even exist? its not like they have any useful purpose!!
  • omg im so shocked to read this!! recently we have had cat fleas from our cat, we got frontline and have sprayed the flat, we have done this twice the last time was ta the weekend, i havnt seen any yet. but did NOT know they can live off a cat for 365 day!! thought it was 3 days!! omg i hope they dont come back, its soo embarrising makes us look dirty but were not, going to use frontline all the time not just when our cat gets fleas in future,

    god im itching now!! lol
  • Hi My cat got fleas a few months ago and we used the stuff from the vets that kills them and their eggs in mins it also stops fleas from living in your home for a year after, its about ??25 but 1 can should do your whole house and furniture etc. The vet I use no longer recomends frontline and won't sell it cause fleas are apprently growing imune to it.
  • emmanick-- whats that stuff called you got from vets?
  • I can't remeber will try and find out its in a white can I think it had yellow and blue text on it.

  • We had this problem when we looked after my Gran's cat while she was on holiday! Bloody things get everywhere, we had a sheepskin rug that we had to chuck out in the end because they loved it, it was riddled with them. That spray from the vets is the best, and make sure you do every room and every corner as well, and if you have those fluffy cushions make sure you do them as well!
  • ZODIAC protects for a year i spray every 3 mnths just to be sure! i get it from pets at home its about 15 quid a can spray everywhere even hard floors, in cupboards etc if they are biting ur kids get some tee tree oil mix it with baby oil 1 drop tt to 3drops bo! rub it on skin it will deter them thats a tip my freind gave me years ago but check with holland n barrat or where ever you go as to the saftey of essential oils n kiddies! lastly get the animal owner to comb through as well as just frontlining as if it all ready has fleas they will jump off once the stuff starts working. you will find that they go dormant in cold temperature but the minute the central heating goes on theyre back!!!!! good luck xxxx
  • Fleas DEFINITELY can't live on a cat that's been protected with Frontline for very long (I'm talking hours). Neither can they live without a host (ie a cat about the place) for very long. I'm absolutely certain about that. The problem is that they can be at the larvae stage for absolutely aaaages before the right conditions come about for them to turn into fleas and start making their presence known. THAT'S why you think you've got rid of the buggers only to find that 6 months later they're hopping about again.

    I know I sound bossy but we had fleas a while ago (forgot to Frontline the cats for a few months) so I did a lot of research.

    Basically once you've got the problem you have to treat your house regularly for up to a year. You probably won't have live, hopping fleas constantly for all that time (and even if you do they'll die because they don't have a host) but you'll probably find that they come back periodically as the larvae hatch. Sorry :\( Rotten little buggers.

  • :cry::cry::cry::cry:

    am i ever gonne get rid? lol

    I'll spray this weekend, then i'll keep doing it every few weeks maybe. Wish the spray didnt cost so much!!

    What happenes if the get in the human hair? i think i've been bit on my head and i am scared they are sitting in my hair! is this possible? can u get special shampoo?

    argh i feel totally minging now! :cry:
  • hi. fleas's can't live on humans but will happily breed in your carpets. you can get a spray called indorex from vets costs about ??14 per can but does 3 bed house. it kills the fleas and eggs and lasts 1 year. i am a vet nurse and we regularly use it within the practice. might also be a good idea to change the product used on the cat maybe try stronghold or advocate. if still no luck shifting the fleas i would call the council they are very good
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