anyone watching the hospital?

i am so shocked at how funny these people think alcohol liver disease is, i so want to slap them!!!


  • Yeh, i watched it and had to turn it over. That one lad who thought drinking a bottle of vodka a day was funny!!! GGGRRRR!
  • I find these people very annoying too! There are 2 problems, i think. The first is that people just don't take responsibility for themselves anymore. The second is that people treat the NHS as a right rather than a privilege.

    People use the phrase "i work, i pay my taxes/national insurance" as though that is reason why they can do what they like and still be treated for free. These people have no idea how much healthcare costs.

    One lady continued to drink will likely need years of expensive treatment and possibly multiple liver transplants (at the cost of ??90 000 a time). Does she really think that she is EVER going to contribute anywhere near that amount! No, of course she isn't. People who work hard and take care of themselves and therefore need little treatment will pay for her.

    Yes, it makes me angry!

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