baby on board stickers -do they make you drive differently?

Hi, lo is nearly 6 months and hubby and I have never bothered with a 'baby on board' or similar type sticker for the back window of the car. But today we were going round a roundabout (sounds stupid what else would you do, drive over it ?? Anyway....) and a car was right up our backside and cut us up at the exit of roundabout.
So I was wondering if you think having one of these actually makes any difference or if the guy would still have been an arsehole and made me shout at him anyway ???? Suz xx


  • He probably would've done it anyway!

    Tbh I don't pay that much attention to them when I'm driving, as I drive sooo cautiously with lo in the car anyway but I do when parking. I always try and make sure I've not parked too close so they can't open their door or boot, depending on how the car park's arranged.

    We've got a sticker in our window but I still get the tossers driving up my bum!
  • I have a princess Amber sign on board in my car and no it makes no difference, in fact I think that people are worse just to piss me off!!

    I just slow down more if people sit up my arse anyway (obvouisly not on the motorway!!) as there is no need for it, there is a speed limit for a reason!!! xxx
  • I pay absolutely no attention to them at all!! TBH I can't see the point of them apart from when you're parking, I try and give anyone with child seats a bit more room so they can get lo's in and out. If you are just driving along I don't see what difference it makes if you have small children with you, but then I try and avoid running in to everyone :lol:
  • i dont drive any differently,just always try not to drive to close to anyone else, but the point of the sickers/signs orginally was that if the car had an accident and the child and car seat (rememeber not everyone use to put children in car seats at all) was thrown clear of the car the emergency services would see the sign/sicker and then it would promt them that there should have been a child in the car and they would look for a child. the problem is, people dont take them out when they dont have a child in the car.
  • they are pointless- we have one and no-one drives any differently, i had a white van man up my arse (ha ha not literally) the other day and Evie was in the car, i was getting so angry because if i would have had to slam on he would have crashed right into us. xxx
  • They dont make any difference. I was not bothered about a baby on board sign cos they are so pointless but we have a little pink t shirt one that says little princess on board. I only got it cos it was cute though.

    Rachel lmao at the not literally!!
  • Hey. I don't know anyone who drives differently because they have a sticker stating they have a baby. It doesn't mean the baby is in the car.

    On a different point the emergancy services don't like them. If they go to an accident scene and a car is carry a sticker they assume a baby is present and go looking. If there is no baby they are just wasting time, money and effort when they could be doing something of use.

    X X X
  • firstly.....god forbid this ever happen, but the baby on board signs are really important, the emergency services attend to cars who have these signs in them first so its deffinately worth spending the ??2 for one!!

    im loads more careful now, and tend to have more roadrage against inconsiderate drivers
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