Question about milk (bottle feeders)?!

Hi ladies... tresspassing from due in june forum!

I would love to be able to try breast feeding but due to medical reasons and a very strong drug I have to take I can't (as it's passed through breast milk).

I've been looking at milk formulas and god there are so many!! So my question is.... from your experiences which brand is best?

Personally, I've narrowed it down to two - Aptamil and Cow & Gate. Some people Aptamil is better as Cow & Gate makes babies more sicky.... others say they are the same....

What does everyone think?

Thanks in advance! x


  • go on the cost factor especialy with twins start out on a well known but cheaper brand if it isnt right go to anather under supervision. the worst problem isnt the spew its constipation. I'm also on a med that they wernt sure about breast feeding. I could but if my dose was any higher i couldnt, only lasted 7 weeks.hope all goes well
  • hi i have used cow and gate with both my babes after bf for a few months and they were fine. aptamil didnt suit my son and i didnt try anything other than c&g with my daughter she is fine. all you can do is suck it and see hun xxx
  • hi, my lo has aptamil, we tried her on a few different milks as she was really sicky and this seemed to suit her best. xxx
  • hi hun well i tried all brands with jack and the only 1 that suited him was aptamil ....i started sophia off on sma gold and she got terribly constipated so changed her to aptamil and her bowels are fine image ...she does suffer with tummy ache though and now the h/v are talking of putting her on lactose free milk but we will see :roll: ..imo aptamil has been the best for mine ...also the most expensive :roll: xxxxxxxxxx
  • I use Cow & Gate and it's been great for us - it's cheap, a well known brand, you can get vouchers for the follow on milks, and I think it's got a more ethical policy than other milks xx
  • I've used Aptimal in various forms, Aptimal 1st, comfort digest and niw hungry milk. And we've had no problems. I think C&G and Aptimal and both made by Milupa so they are much and much the same. S x
  • I used SMA Gold first but don't really recommend it. Used Cow & Gate after that and we all preferred it. However, I have heard Aptamil is closest to breast milk and some mw's recommend it if you are ff. I think it may be more expensive that other milks though. I would like another lo and intend to try and bf again (1st would not latch on). If I have to ff again though would buy either C&G or Aptamil.
  • I use aptimal. This was recommended by nurses as it was closest to breast milk and I was just using it as a top up. My lo gets on fine with it and hasn't had any problems. Probably best to make a choice but be prepared to switch if you have problems with it as one brand doesn't suit all babies.
  • i also use aptimal,my son was fine with it and now using it with the twins and they have been ok aswell,putting tons of weight on
  • thanks ladies. It's always good to get some opinions! x
  • I used SMA gold at first but it upset my daughters stomach, switched to cow and gate comfort and she has been fine since then. I would use it again if I had another baby.
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