wont sleep in moses basket

hi ladies

tyler is 3 weeks old and he will not sleep at all in his moses basket, he will only sleep on us or propped up on the settee.

obviously this cant continue as at some point we would like to sleep in the same bed again where as at the moment one of us sleeps downstairs with him.

has anyone any suggestions ? i just bought a padded thing so he can sleep on his side in the basket and maybe not feel as though its too big for him, just still waiting for it to come.



  • a hot water bottle warming the basket up before you put them down (obviously removing it just before you put baby down and swaddling worked for me hun.

    Hope you get there soon....I remember those early weeks well, my LO is 9 months now. I remeber feeling so overwhelmed but just take one day at a time it will all sort itself out in the end!

  • Hey hun,

    you're not alone here, our LO who's now nearly 8 wks did not settle at all in moses basket. We tried it all ways, on rocking stand, off stand, propped up on angle and in the end we just gave up with it! He now sleeps in a swinging crib which is a lot better. I don;t know what he didn't like about the moses basket but a friend of mine's baby was the same!
    I don;t feel like I've been much help here, but just wanted you to know you're not alone with this one, and we went through the same and it is really hard to work out what to do for the best!

  • My boy is 9 weeks now and went in his cot from 3 weeks, he hated the moses basket, took forever to settle and punched the sides, think he might have felt trapped. Although he looks so tiny in the cot he loved it and took about 3 minutes to settle, still does bless him, he seems to like the space xxx
  • try putting him in the moses when he has some 'awake time' so that it becomes familiar to him, and hopefully he will settle in it more readily for sleeping. and if also put him down to sleep in it before he's fully asleep, or rouse him slightly so as when he aks slightly as u lay him down he won't be quite so confused as he'll no whats happening, iyswim? and swaddling seems to be a thumbs up with lots of babies.

    and sorry to ask, but i can't quite tell if from ur post ur saying one of u sleeps on the sofa with baby? i don't want to sound patronising or know it all but co sleeping in armchairs or sofas is highly unrecommended and can be fatal in some cases, sorry if i've got it wrong and ur not, but just wanted to say that in case u were because it is very dangerous, by all means co sleep in a bed if thats what suits but please don't sleep with ur baby on a sofa etc. xx
  • no he sleeps on one settee with all his cushions so he's propped up and the other is on the other settee, i say sleeping in the loosest sense of the word as we dont actually sleep.

  • oh lillykitt - i just want to post to say i know how your feeeling - i just want to cry!

    mason doesn't settle at night at all and i think a lot of it is wind but my god its a nightmare last night i was up for 5 hours after feed trying to settle/wind/get him to sleep and i was at wits end... in the end he needed another bottle so had to give that then he still didnt settle so lay with him in bed until he was calm and dozing and managed to then put him down but then he woke at 6! i dont know what to do...it cant carry on like this i have a 2 year old aswell and just feel like serious cannot cope!

    midwife came out earlier and she was very nice but obviously cannot really help much as we are trying everything - i think from your other posts Tyler has wind issues aswell doesnt he???

  • Ds went off his moses basket after a few weeks - I think it was because he couldn't see around him (as the sides are filled in). Could you try him in a slated crib or cot ?

  • hi star

    yeah he is a really windy baby. am going to try swaddling, something has to work !!
  • none of my 3 would sleep in a moses basket as it moved aroubd too much, my youngest lo used to stir in his sleep, and then wake him self up coz the basket shook, i slept my first in her pram carrycot, my second i bought a wicker moses basket (which isn't flexible like a maize one) and my third i settled for a swinging crib (which we never had swinging), and for my latest lo due in april i am going to buy the mothercare pure crib (basically it is a cot in a smaller size), i definately that something that didn't move is a lot better for lo than a moses basket. i was also advised to sit on the mattress (after taking it out the crib) for 10 minutes before baby went bed to warm it up.
  • my LO wouldnt sleep in the moses basket so he went into his cot at 4 weeks! i put a rolled up towel either side of him and covered with a thin sheet (saw it on the Baby Whisperer), this makes him feel like he's being held and safe. He slept no problem then (and stopped him from moving around the cot. x
  • My lo hated his moses basket and we started co sleeping immediately, This has caused problems for us as at 7 months we couldnt get him in his cot.

    I will definitely be using a crib or cot next time from day one, i agree with the others, i think its because they cant see out the sides and feel trapped.

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