How many of you with babies 6m+ give them vitamins? And which ones?

Em x


  • My lo is 8 and a half months and I was told from 6 months to give him vitamin drops everyday as he is breastfed still and apparently it is necessary for him to have them. I bought Healthy Start drops from my local baby clinic (think they cost ??1.70) and he has 5 drops everyday (providing I remember!!!!) You can get alternatives in chemists but they are pretty expensive so may be worth enquiring at baby clinic?
    Jo x
  • My lo is nearly 6 months and my hv said to give vitamins, particularly vitamin D. I just go some in the chemist, they are liquid and I give them to her with a syringe.
  • I've got the same as honeyboo, I was told that LO should be given them from 6 months if he's BF and from 1 year if they are FF.

    When my LO has a balanced healthy diet, I'll probably stop giving them to him xx
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