Advice for baby with bad cold and teething pain?

Evie has got a rotten cold image and tonight she is just not settling. She went to bed at 6pm and slept for a while then woke up crying. I got her up and gave her a bit of milk and some calpol, and I've put some vicks on a muslin in her room (not where she can get to it) just wondered if there's anything else anyone can suggest? She's just been crying in her cot for about 10 mins as there's nothing more I can think of to try! I've even changed ehr bedding cos it was all wet and yukky. She can't keep her dummy in as she can't breathe through her nose.

Any ideas?! Sorry if this Q has been asked a million times!



  • other than a cuddle from her mum not alot i'm affraid, my lo has had a cold whenever he is teething and he gets 2 teeth at a time poor thing, he was awake every hour for a few nights, i done the same, vicks, calpol and plenty of fluids and lots of cuddles with mum! image

  • Aw think the cuddles must have worked as she's quiet now! I just feel so awful when I know she's feeling rotten and there's nothing I can do. Hope the rest of her teeth come quickly!

    Hope your lo is feeling better now, and having a little break from teething! xxx

  • yes he's fine now got two new front teeth! image
    He loves his sleep so gets so upset when he can't sleep, back to normal now thank god!


  • Aw bless! Hope you get a few good weeks of sleep before the next teeth start coming through! xxx
  • Medised every time! Gabe had such a bad cold the other week and he was teething, he was crying for hours and hours straight and would not eat or drink, the only thing that stopped the crying was going for a walk in pram or walking with him in a sling. He just wanted cuddles. He ended up sleeping in the pram all night with OH pushing him while dozing - we both slept on sofa lol!!! Then the next day I bought some medised cos Gabe needed to sleep and it worked - he slept 11 hours straight that night without a murmur whereas before he was coughing like mad and crying. I would definitely recommend it. Sometimes babies just need to sleep it off hun. He woke up so much happier the next morning and so did I !!! Hope Evie feels better soon, all these bloody colds do your head in don't they - Gabe has a runny nose now and I am wiping it all day! x
  • Regular doses of calpol and or medised would be a good idea. Also junior ibuprofen as well! Karvol drops are brilliant. We used them with Kelsie when she had a bad cold last week, just put a few drops on the cot bedding and hang a muslin or tissue with it on out of her reach. She also liked chewing on a icey cold flannel, so we had some in fridge ready.

    Could you lay in your bed with her and get her to sleep and carry her through later? Maybe she'll settle better?

    Hope everything works out and Evie gets better soon!

  • It's just horrid when they have a cold! Is Gabe over the worst of it now? Just wanted to ask you about medised- this prob sounds wierd but I've only ever heard of it on here, I've never even seen it in the shops! What is in it? Is it paracetamol or something stronger?


  • Medised for Children is specially formulated to ease away pain in children from two years, and because it contains two active ingredients (paracetamol and diphenhydramine) it also helps clear blocked noses and eases breathing to help a restful night's sleep.

    You can buy it from boots.


  • Oh thanks Garfield! Will try and persuade hubby to take us into town to get some tomorrow. That will probably help more with the cold than calpol.

    My cupboard already has more medicine than a chemists so one more bottle won't matter!

  • Aww bless ya honey. Hope Evie feels better soon.

    You're more than welcome image

  • Its behind the counter at the pharmacy, its the only place you can buy it. As Garfield says it has 2 ingredients, antihistamine to help clear their nose and also helps them sleep, and paracetamol to help with pains...or teething. Calpol is pretty useless for a bad cold as all it has in it is paracetamol, it only helps with the pain aspect....and doesnt help them mum recommended medised to me said she used it for me and it really is the best stuff ever for a poorly child. btw it says every 4 hours on the box BUT the pharmacist told me to only give it at bedtime otherwise LO will sleep all day too! You can use calpol in the day but make sure you don't give calpol & medised at the same time (leave 4 hrs in between) as 2 paracetamols isn't good for them xx
  • Thanks hun! Might get a better night tomorrow!

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