Chest infection?

My little man is 12 weeks and has got a slight chest infection, only way i know is he is snotty and sleeping more than usual- took him to docs and they said its a chest infection.
However, he is still happy as larry, feeding ok etc... lol... they gave me an anti boitic incase he gets worse, do i give it to him or not??? ahhh


  • I cant garuntee that doctors get it right... some do, some dont!!! But I would give him the antibiotics just incase as if it is a chest infection then without treatment it may develop into something worse like bronchitis... xx
  • i would to hun, even if he does seem better it wont do him any harm to have them, dont want it developing into something nasty! x
  • Personally I would leave it a day or 2 - the doctor gave it to you incase it gets worse, your lo needs to build up his immune system and ability to fight of things in the future. If he gets worse - eg stops feeding then i would give it to him.
  • went back docs today they told me to keep a close eye on him, they dont really want him t have the anti biotics as he been on one for 10 weeks for his uti problems and they want him to buid up an immunity ... though saying that they want me to watch hs temp like a hawk incase anything changes
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