Wonky tooth?!!?!?

Hi everyone!

my 8 month old now was one tooth fully through at the bottom, his second tooth is now coming through next to it, but is wonky, i doubt there is anything that can be done, but it is diagonal! its about half way through now and im just worried that he is going to have horrible wonky teeth! my oh and i both have straight teeth but my brothers are very wonky, it concerns me as i work in dentistry and know how kids can be mean to each other...has anyone else's lo got wonky teeth?

ashy x


  • Hi Ashy,

    Toby's teeth have all come through quite wonky - it really freaked us out at first! We spoke to a Dentist and Toby's Dr who assured us that it's quite normal and they will straighten out eventually and it doesn't mean his adult teeth will be wonky.

    Sure enough, as the teeth have gotten bigger, they are straightening out and now look much much better.

    Hope this helps xxx

    Edited to add... Toby now has 6 teeth. His first 2 arrived at around 8/9 months and the others have followed every 2 months ish after.


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