a year ago today....

.....i had a mc. I don't know how i feel about it. I'm not upset, is this wrong? i was very upset at the time, i was only 5 weeks pregnant so it wasn't painful, just like a heavy period. Christmas last year was pretty emotional because of it. I just feel everything happens for a reason and i wouldn't have had my little Molly. i conceived her just 2 weeks after the mc so didn't really have time to dwell on it.

Anyway a pretty pointless post, am so grateful i have 2 gorgeous children and want to move on from the mc and not think about it every year, if you know what i mean......




  • Awww honey. I know its hard. I had a MC and I still think about it on the day, that was 4 years ago nearly. It will get easier in time, hopefully, it has for me, but does still hurt a bit. {{{hugs}}}

  • :cry: aw thanks girls, i just had a wee cry reading your replies, x
  • Awww hon, its ok to cry, perfectly natural. Go and give little Molly a big hug!! She's lucky to have a lovely mum!!

    So's Zach!

  • thanks babe! x
  • Big hugs hun, its not wrong at all, you shouldn't dwell as you have two gorgeous children to concentrate on. Hope Molly and Zach give you extra cuddles today x
  • thanks girls i am very blessed with 2 beautiful babies! I know i would feel bad if it was a year down the road and i didn't have Molly. but i have my perfect family and am very grateful for that! x
  • Awww, your children are beautiful. I believe as you say things happen for a reason, and you probably appreciate what you have even more because of your mc. Hope your xmas this year makes up for the heartache of the last. xxx
  • Hey Em, as you know I also had a mc last Dec, the 18th I was 9wks. But I was also lucky enough to get pregnant the next month and now have a beautiful baby boy.Doesn't mean that I don't think about it though. What's meant to be will be and I'm sure like most things time will heal. Hopefully this will be a much happier Christmas for you. I got married on 28th Dec last year so I've got my anniversary to take my mind off things, and Archie ofcourse. S x
  • thanks rebecca, i'm really excited about Christmas this year, last year was a bit of a blur, have gone ott with presents but like you said i do appreciate what i have more.

    Suz, i know we both went through the mill last Christmas! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, a year already! wow look what you have achieved in that year, Archie is such a handsome wee dude!



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