what should i do??

i am getting a car in a few weeks and im driving with my oh for a while b4 i take my test but millie is nearly 5 months and we cant leave her on her own with anybody as she will cry. i went to hairdressers other day and my oh was at his mums with her and he left her there while he came to pick me up when we got back she was in hysterics! she never ever cries like that! shes fine with anybody holding her and stuff when we r around but not when shes left ahhh. she was fine when she was a baby but not anymore. what should i do i cant take her with me while im learning so should i just leave her for an hour with his mum and see how she goes? she was only left on her own for 10mins b4 she went into hysterics last time. x x


  • I am worried about this happening with Darcy. The only time both of us have gone out at the same time was at night so she was already asleep and didn't know she had a babysitter!

    Haven't got any real experience but how about leaving her for just short periods of time 5 mins then 10 mins etcand build up gradually until she is used to it? I'm gonna have to try and bite the bullet and do it with Darcy to get her used to being wothout us before I go back to work!
  • We dont have this problem but my advice would be to start leaving her with people for 5/10 mins and slowly build it up. Maybe start by leaving her with someone at your house so her surroundings will be familiar and lots to distract her with. You could just nip out to the shop or something. Dont just sneak off though, let her see you are leaving.
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