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My little one who is 18 days old HATES bath time and screams the house down. Any tips to make this more enjoyable for both of us??


  • Are you making the water hot enough? It's easy to be over-cautious and make it too cold, but babies usually HATE that.

    They all say that it should feel neutral when you dip your elbow in but I personally make it so it feels quite warm, but not hot (obviously).

    Or if you don't think it's that - then maybe try using a bath support (if you dont already) that leaves your hands free to play with LO, try gently pouring warm water over LO's tummy.


  • i used to put a clothe over haydens tummy as i saw a programme of the baby whisperer a few years ago and she tried this and the baby calmed. hayden now loves his baths i just wish he wouldn't insist in putting every bottle of shampoo etc into the bath!!! hope your lo likes their bath soon. you could also try having a bath with your lo, then you can give then big reasuring hugs.
  • Ooh - a bath with LO is a good idea, just be ready to jump out quick if they poo! (speaking from experience here!) xxx
  • Hi,

    Our lo was a bit of a bath time screamer at first - so much so it was affectionately re-named torture time.

    We just persevered bathing him every evening making sure he was recently fed (far enough after that it had been digested but not too far that the rumbles of hunger were on the horizon) and eventually he really chilled out in the bath. So much so that that, and when he was asleep, was the only time he was ever still.

    He's now 4 months and has discovered the joy of splashing.

    Good luck x
  • I think every newborn hates the bath. I used to have to shut all our windows before bathing lo as she screamed and screamed until I fed her!! Two tips, make sure the water is warm enough and also the bathroom is warm enough for when she gets out.
    My lo is now 6 months, most nights we bath together and have a good splash about!! She now loves her baths and gets excited when we go in the bathroom to get undressed.
    Your lo will get there
  • Yep, I second (or third!) having a bath with lo. I have lovely memories (and photos!) from when I did it. My lo didn't poo over me though thankfully. Didn't occur to me until I read about it on here. Might have been put off otherwise ...

    Can honestly say in 9 months my lo has never poo'ed in the bath if that makes you feel a bit better. (Will probably do one tomorrow now I have said that lol!)

  • hi

    ds hated his bath times and just generally being naked until he was baout 10weeks old, obviously make sure the water is the right temp (elbow test) and that the room is nice and warm too, if using a big bath u could try getting in too and holding baby so baby feels more secure. also timing is imortant, make sure ur lo isn't hungry or tired before being stripped off and put in the bath, this would be annoying for anyone lol. also try singing and playing peekaboo (if there is two of u) to distract form whats happening but other than that i'm afraid u'll just have to wauit it out as most abbies seem to hate them at first but but they do begin to enjoy them, at 6 months my ds now laughs and splashes in his bath and moans when i take him out of it, completely different from those newborn wails he used to produce

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