Is it always the OHs...

who initiate sex? I sometimes worry if it wasn't him who initiated it, we wouldn't have Evie and Kyra now! Oh dear, I sound awful now don't I?! Poor oh! xox


  • lol! me too, when drunk! hehe x
  • I always used to leave my oh to initiate sex as if I initiated it, he didnt want it? Yet if I ignored him, he was gagging for it so I just did it that way if I wanted sex lol! What a buggered up relationship eh image we don't have sex anymore anyway. It just gets us back into the habit of being 'together' and arguing all the time, when we get on so much better as just 'mum and dad' rather then partners??......
  • Awww Tiger Lily thats so sad. :cry:

    We both have a high sex drive.....but its normally 50 50, He's just as bad as I am!!

  • It's not that sad. He's an asshole lol. But yeah...I find the more sex you have the more you want, whereas if you have gone without for ages, you don't miss it? Very bizarre, you would think it was the opposite.
  • Aww TL, hun sometimes I feel me and oh just get on better as mum and dad too! Petty things set us off and sometimes I just look for an argument if I'm in a foul mood!!

    I'm the the mood now for a bit of nookie after watching 300. Mr Butler is just SO hot!!! Typical oh's not here he's out watching the footie. xox

    ooooo yeah baby I'll have a slice of that!! My oh looks like a younger version of Gerry. Been with him before he was famous now I know why I fell for oh!

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  • Oh 300 is brilliant yummy mummy! Have told Katie to watch it, she should be I hope!! He is VERY HOT though isn't he? PS I Love You was awesome too!

  • OMG HE IS SOOOO YUMMY!! I have ps i love you on dvd just to perve over him hehe!!

    My hubby loves it when I initiate it so I do, I wake him up in very good ways!! If I want it I make sure I get it lol!!! We spend a lot of time apart so its always like new for us and we have been married 5years so makes it exciting!

    He initiates it most times tho about 3 times a day haha!! xxx
  • omg - do you do it 3 times a day?!?!

    My oh's the one on the left. Do you think he looks a bit like a young Gerry? xox
  • Definitely yummy mummy, he looks just the same.......grrrrr, lucky you lol!!
  • I'd say 50/50 here too.

    I've done the exact same as Katie before. He'd be playing his game and i'd just walk in naked and stand in front of the screen. He was soon stood to attention :lol: Literally! :lol:

    Well that was back in the good old days before i had kiddies and lost it. lol. Don't get enough time to do anything! when we even attempt it Grace will either wake up and put us off or Ethan will start shouting us from his bedroom. The mood soon goes. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • its always me that initiates sex. otherwise we'd never do it and i ask paul too much y he doesn't anymore and he always replies i'm tired. and it makes me totally paranoid, sorry if tmi
  • sex? Whats that?

    Cant remember the last time we had sex, but can remember that it usually invloves OH saying something along the lines of 'are you willing to sort me out' or something similar....
    I've given up initiating it as we're either a) too tired to bother, b) he's at work or c) arguing.

    I think the last time he tried to initiate sex (rather than just him being pleased) it went something along the lines of 'are we going to have sex'........

    exciting eh! :lol:

  • don't go there :\(

    we had sex last night but i just went along with it for him cuz the day before i had come home from the post office without him noticing and i caught him about to "d.i.y" which made me feel like shit, still feel crappy about it now...we weren't really speaking until last night :cry: x
  • My oh is so romantic when it comes to sex.
    IF ONLY!!!!
    Normally we'll be lying on the settee when lo in bed and if my feet are near his "bits", thats it he wants it!!! He's got something about my feet, they've been very useful recently (he he sorry that's way tmi)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mrsjbourne - don't feel bad. Most men do that (although they wont admit it to their oh's). My oh used to work away a lot and although her never admitted to it I'm sure he must have done it! At least he's diy'ing and not going elsewhere! xxxxx

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  • I have to admit that lately since i had Jaimi-Lee 5 weeks ago and maybe quite a bit throughout my pregnancy he has been the one who instigates it! I think that maybe if he didnt i would forget all about sex! lol.
    Bed is for sleeping when you are shattered and have a 5 week old baby!
    Although a few mornings ago i was awake 2am-6am and got bored and woke him up and gave him a surprise, if you know what i mean!!image
    My hubby's idea of instigating sex is either by tugging at my jammie bottoms, saying 'we gona have sex tonight then?' or by being too nice to me that i feel guilty and give in but then i find i enjoy it and think 'why dont i just do it more often lol'.

    Sharon x

  • And yes yummy Mummy your oh is a younger version of Gerard Butler! Has he got a brother by any chance..........!! (Naughty)
  • Awwww and i also love Gerard! Hes well fit!
    I 1st watched PS I Love You on our honeymoon on the cruise cinema and i bawled my eyes out! I was 10 weeks pregnant and the 1st time i had ever cried at a film, theres no stopping me now!! lol

    Sharon x

  • it was the waiting for me to be out that annoyed me, i wouldn't mind if he was honest about it, i'd do it for him if he wanted!! i was just a bit upset that it was almost like he didn't want me to be involved - if u get me x
  • I know how you feel MrsJB, once on holiday in tenerife hubby was trying to seduce me but i was busy sunbathing and really not in the mood, so off he went in a sulk.... Then i went to loo and caught him 'DIY'ing'!!! I was sooo angry and he couldnt see why i felt like that but i felt as if i had been cheated on. It was such a horrible sick feeling i had in my stomach, but he told me all men do it and to get a grip lol. Ive never caught him again but im sure he must still do it lol.

  • hey,

    It's usually my dh that initiates things and dare I confess that I use 'giving him a treat' as a way of getting him to do things! lol

    mrsjb - when I was pregnant, one day I noticed by stretch marks and then found a porn mag down the side of my dh's bed - I sat and cried, made me feel awful even though my dh always tells me how much he loves me and my body. It's horrid that men 'diy' but I agree it's better than cheating with someone else.

    He probably waited for you to be out so that you wouldn't get upset.
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